New Devil May Cry Is “Less Campy – More Darker”, Says Capcom Producer

Capcom’s US producer Alex Jones has claimed that the forthcoming Devil May Cry reboot is less cheesy and more grown-up than the original series.

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user54670072032d ago

So you think the last games were campy...REALLY

Yeah thats it Capcom go a head and call the previous games like what NT are doing. This is why they don't deserve success with this reboot, it's not just because it looks terrible, it's because they just don't give a crap about DMC, the fans or respect the franchise.

Oh and cheesy...yeah and this game isn't ¬¬

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Grap2032d ago

he mean darker in emo way.

ZombieKiller2032d ago

That's the point! What the hell, Capcom you have betrayed your roots with this game.
Yeah the game is "campy" but most heavily influenced Japanese games are!

Look at MGS 1-4's dialogue. These games are Japanese and WEIRD. But that's what I like about them. Ok, so DMC4 got a bit stale, but so the hell what?! Just change the character acting and make it more serious. No need to involve NT and re-design the whole thing!
Honestly, I think Capcom is pulling at strings because of the negative buzz this game received.
They are REALLY trying to sell this game. Thing is, I bet Capcom already lost a ton of money on this game. How many re-designs for Dante? Doesn't time=money?? So now sales are really important, and I feel this games sales will suffer. Big time. Time will tell.

Summons752032d ago

They were campy, but that is what made them so amazing. These developers have no idea what made the original games great. This game will never live up to or even be comparable to the real Devil May Cry.

NegativeCreep4272032d ago

"I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!"

How campier can you get with that???

Almost sounds like something out of Twilight.

Lord_Sloth2032d ago

That's cheesy, not campy. Peeps need to know their words.

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Paragon2032d ago

The last games were campy? Ha!

vallencer2032d ago

They were campy man they really were. That doesn't mean they're bad. The campyness was awesome but it's not like he's wrong. It's like watching the evil dead movies they're campy but awesome.

Myst-Vearn2032d ago

Still not buying this. I want this to flop so bad that they make a proper DMC5 soon.

vallencer2032d ago

Why would you want a game to flop as a gamer?? That then means the company who made it could get into financial trouble and go out of business and Ninja Theory makes good games regardless of what you think of this one. If you're not going to enjoy it for whatever the reason then let other people enjoy it if they're interested in it. Remember that not everyone has every played a DMC game before.

Summons752032d ago

"Ninja Theory makes good games regardless of what you think of this one."

I'm sorry what games did they make that were good? Heavenly Sword was a terrible clone of DMC that nobody cared about because....oh yeah it's a terrible clone. Enslaved was a terrible rip-off of Uncharted that dropped to twenty bucks within two weeks of it's release.

They haven't made a single good game in there life.

KUV19772032d ago

Heavenly Sword was great. In my view much better than DMC, both artistically and from a gameplay perspective. If at all it was rather a God of War clon, which isn't neccessarily bad in my book. The only trouble it had was that it was a bit short and technically not really all that great. Enslaved was also a good games as most reviews attest. Technically however it seemed to be even worse than Heavenly Sword with a really low framerate and pop-ins all over the place. DMC played much smoother than that already so I am looking forward to it.

Elda2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

@ Vallencer......Agreed 100%!!!!

KUV19772032d ago

I played it at GamesCom and besides the monster design really liked it. Nice fluid gameplay, descent environment graphics. I'll certainly buy it.

PersonaCat2032d ago

Say goodbye to your bubbles :(
All jokes aside, I agree. This looks like it'll be a lot of fun to play.

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