GTA 5 & San Andreas flashback-tastic GIF screen comparison

So, someone had a clever idea to recreate the new GTA 5 screens in old San Andreas. Now they’ve been put into a handy GIF format so you can see the comparison happen before your eyes. Old, new, old new, old… aaaand you get the idea.

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Jamzluminati2067d ago

San Andreas looks so much better.

xboxlj2066d ago

How can you possibly tell the difference. Looks the same to me.

eliteslaya132068d ago

Now I wanna play GTA 4: San Andreas.

SOM3ROiD2067d ago

Now that's a difference!

seanpitt232067d ago

It's amazing how technology moves on just think we was so happy with the graphics in san Andreas back in the day.