Wii U specs are surprisingly good, says Sonic developer

The executive producer of Sonic And All-Stars Racing Transformed has told Official Nintendo Magazine that he was surprised by the Wii U specs, specifically the GPU and memory which are better than the Sumo developers expected.

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Wizziokid2274d ago

"Wii U specs are surprisingly good"
"Wii U specs are surprisingly Bad"
"Wii U specs are Last Gen"
"Wii U specs are Next Gen"
"Wii U specs are as good as 360"
"Wii U specs are better than ps3"

etc.. etc.. etc.

bicfitness2274d ago

"Wii U specs are currently unknown in any detail"

Is the only title that bears any weight.

iamnsuperman2274d ago

I agree we hear some many contradicting statements from different developers (big and small)

miyamoto2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Whether Nintendo makes Wii U specs public sooner or later, whether its less or more powerful than PS3 &360 it will still be the same game plan from Sony & M$.

LOL_WUT2274d ago

Guess well just have to wait and see ;) Nintendo is only hurting themselves by not releasing the specs.

Shok2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Except all the times the Wii U specs were supposedly bad came from anonymous devs, or were quotes taken out of context (Eurogamer incident, for instance.)While the positive reports have came from named, on-record developers.

iamnsuperman2274d ago

I disagree with that. Both sides (good and bad) have had well known developers (also ignoring the Eurogamer incident) spouting stuff that contradicts each other. Some even dodge the question like EA which has shown in interviews to dodge the question about power and instead raved about its controller. Like bicfitness said "Wii U specs are currently unknown in any detail" is really the only thing we can get out of this because there is so much contradiction

mike1up2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Bubble + Well said.

The ONLY exception would be when Harada of Namco-Bandai stated that there may be CPU issues. And even Harada said later that that quote was taken way out of context.

Moncole2274d ago

And you forgot that when it come from an anonymous dev people take like its true.

Silver-Hawk2274d ago

Do they have any game currently in development for Wii u? Nintendo should release the specs if the system because its the most asked question when it comes to the Wii u.

mike1up2274d ago

You must be psychic. I am psychic too...

The next positive announcement about WiiU specs will come from an actual developer.

The next negative announcement about WiiU specs will come from an anonymous source.

etc... etc... etc..

user54670072274d ago

and whatever announcment it may be, you will be there bashing anyones opinion that comes off just a little bit negative with your sarcastic, immature comments.

mike1up2274d ago

@ MikeCosgrove


You sure told me Mike! /S
My dad can beat up your dad!

Omg... you must be psychic too.

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Shok2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Well you gotta have a pretty nice GPU to pull off what the Wii U does (Rendering 3 screens at once with only a FPS drop.) Doesn't really come off as a surprise to me.

Memory isn't surprising either. I think it's safe to assume that all next-gen console will have 2 Gigs MINIMUM, which is 4x the amount that the current gen has.

linkratos2274d ago

...But are there enough graphics to have fun?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2274d ago

How dare he say that on NG4? Treason!!

from the beach2274d ago

Hope so since this is the version I'll be playing.

bothebo2274d ago

I thought specs didn't matter and it was just gameplay? LOL

Jadedz2274d ago

What people have a problem with though, is the misinformation random people have been stating about the Wii U hardware specs.

I just can't stand people falsifying information about the Wii U's hardware, is all.

yabhero2274d ago

Specs matter because they allow for more complex games and more advanced gameplay methods. I'm a huge Nintendo fan but specs do matter somewhat. Wii had some great games. However PART of the reason was because its didn't have enough power. So the specs are important for even better games, IMO

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