PixelJunk Monsters Review from Gamespot

PixelJunk Monsters may not look like much, but you'll quickly get hooked on its simple, strategic gameplay.

The Good
* Simple gameplay model that draws you in and won't let go
* A decent challenge, even on the medium-difficulty maps
* Local co-op is a blast.

The Bad
* Requires a good amount of trial and error
* Soundtrack may drive you batty.

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ngg123453672d ago

New low.. It is like saying gears of war had bad graphics. That soundtrack was amazing.

gamesblow3672d ago

The music was perfect for the game. What a bunch of Snorks. Changed my ass... The music was bad. What'd they expect the music to be? Morons.

To further this... They gave it a 7.5, which is utterly false on 2 levels.

1 - The game is more like an 8.5. It's amazing and addicting and probably the best down loadable game ever for the PSN. Easily eclipsing anything on XBL to boot.

2 - 7.5 is what they gave Ratchet & Clank FTOD. So that in its own right is just wrong. They're saying this downloadable game is just as good as a multi million dollar budgeted Insomniac game.

Gamespot never seems to disappoint me when it comes to a good ol' chuckle or 10. Damn @$$ SMACKS.

Baba19063672d ago

honestly? i dont like the music that much. it made me a little insane after a while, but i love the gameplay and grafics.