Wii U’s Miiverse to be a Gaming Social Network

An interview between Kotaku and Nintendo head-honcho Satoru Iwata has shed some more light on what Miiverse will mean to gamers who jump into the Wii U. According to Iwata, Miiverse is being specially tailored to connect all players into their own gaming social network, not unlike Facebook. Whereas Facebook is all about connecting friends and family with photos, videos and other media, Miiverse will revolve around connecting people via their gaming experiences – both in mulitplayer and singleplayer.

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MultiConsoleGamer2099d ago

WiiU is poised to have tons of social networking apps and features.

Trunkz Jr2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

As long as we can actually talk to the other gamers either by text or mic I'll be happy, none of that 3DS "i wanna be a superhero when I grow up!" drop-down options... Don't get me wrong I love my 3DS XL but as far as talking to gamers that pass by you can only leave a limited note, i'd like to be able to add them as a friend and type to them, if their afraid of ppl using it the wrong way then Nintendo should stay Offline.

Biohazard88602099d ago

Miiverse lol stupid name but will be a great service i'm sure !

Moby-Royale2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )


*shrugs shoulders*

Ehh... I'm just working with what they give mii.

Aaannnddd now I hate myself......more.

*(typographical error)

mike1up2099d ago

Biohazard-verse must have been taken.

Great name btw!

Biohazard88602099d ago

lmao thanks and the disagrees people haha u know miiverse is a kind of stupid name must be nintendo cock riders doing the disagreeing ?? ;) but in all seriousness The wii U is gonna be an awesome system and i cant wait to pick up the console.

Jadedz2099d ago

Their so-called "innovations," steams from research on how consumers adapt to certain technologies, and how popular amongst the populous they are.

I really respect them for that :P.

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