CVG Interviews - Sega Superstars Tennis

CVG writes:

"Sega characters, powerups, minigames and racquets. It's Sega's answer to Mario Tennis, blessed with the considerable advantages of being built on the excellent Virtua Tennis 3 engine and featuring intuitive motion controls on Wii. We caught up with developers Sumo Digital to find out more."

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Relcom3817d ago

That backround is immaculate, character models aren't that bad either.

Relcom3817d ago

now that the story

Vip3r3817d ago

Nice. I can't wait for home and I hope the beta is out soon.

THC CELL3817d ago

cant wait this is going to take a box live buy storm

ItsDubC3817d ago

I was actually wondering whether Sega was using the Virtua Tennis engine for this game. Very nice.

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