New Licence to Kill and Die Another Day artworks revealed for 007 Legends

Several new artwork images have been revealed for the upcoming first-person shooter from Activision, 007 Legends on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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strange19861975d ago

Aww, Die Another Day sucked.

DasTier1975d ago

But License to kill is my favourite Bond film made! Dalton FTW!

Dynasty1975d ago

Really? That's the one i actually liked best lol The opening was great :o

vortis1975d ago

Opening was great, rest sucked...

Except, Rick Yune was absolutely awesome and a righteous bada$$ with those diamonds stuck in his face. That was so cool.

Moby-Royale1975d ago

I missed your sparkling personality.

Bond said before killing Mr. Diamond Face.

You are absolutely loco if you don't like Die Another Day.


:P jp

3-4-51975d ago

I can't even care about these games anymore....

they are just using The 007 Name for generic shooters.