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Rayman Legends A Wii U Exclusive: Is This A Good Move From Ubisoft?

Rayman Legends has been tagged as a Wii U exclusive from its recently released trailer, but is that the right step for the sequel to the multiplat Rayman Origins? (PS Vita, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

NYC_Gamer  +   986d ago
It's prob most likely a timed exclusive
fermcr  +   985d ago
"It's prob most likely a timed exclusive"

Most likely... unless Nintendo paid for the hole development of the game.
ronin4life  +   985d ago
That's what I'm thinkin'.
browngamer41  +   986d ago
Nintendo is never allowed to have any exclusives...
ronin4life  +   985d ago
That's what I'm thinkin'...-_-;
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ooquis  +   984d ago
They got there Mario and zelda.
Convas  +   986d ago
I hope not. I mean, I'm all for Nintendo having exclusives n stuff, but if ever there were two exclusives I genuinely wanted to steal, it'd be Rayman Legends and Lego CITY. Forrealz, how could TT Games NOT bring that to other platforms? It's almost LEGO GTA!
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LOL_WUT  +   986d ago
Thats true but in a way i'm glad the lego game is exclusive to the Wii U. That way I have something to look forward to and not just ports.
Moncole  +   985d ago
Nintendo is publishing the game.
KMCROC54  +   985d ago
So Nintendo is publishing a game from a publisher & developer.
PirateThom  +   986d ago
I don't see how a game went from being on every platform to one... doesn't make sense and, in fact, doesn't convince me to buy a Wii U to get the game. I was a huge, huge fan of Origins, but I'm not going to buy a console I have, otherwise, no interest in for one game.
ronin4life  +   985d ago
You mean Like Soul Calibur 2 to 3?
A multiplatform game's sequel becoming single platform(ps2)
torchic  +   985d ago
but everyone had a PS2 back then so it was all good.
GribbleGrunger  +   985d ago
I reckon it's timed exclusivity. This is the problem with the Wiiu. It's not as if the games can't work on other consoles or that the control system can't be altered for other controllers. It's obvious that devs will have to have an option for the optional standard controller for the Wiiu anyway... and it's a HUGE ask for developers to miss out of an audience of 130 million in favour of an install base of (unknown quantity). Nintendo would have to pay them handsomely for that

The Wiiu will be a great console, there's no doubt about it and I also wouldn't take notice of that other article bemoaning its performance at Gamescom either, but getting 3rd party exclusives is going to be hellishly hard
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user5467007  +   986d ago
Ubisoft loves money too much, it will come to other consoles
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NastyLeftHook0  +   986d ago
if its an exclusive, its a big win for nintendo.
Shok  +   986d ago
From what I've heard, Origins didn't sell well on ANY platform, so maybe Ubisoft feels that they would save money making it exclusive, due to the belief that the costs it requires to port it to other platforms probably won't match the profit they make off of it. Just a theory.
ipe  +   985d ago
Where? Im sure making it exclusive to platform with zero base and questionable initial sales(based on very low hype compared to wii) is right move/s
Ubi clearly said origins was profitable, u dont make 5+ million ip over night.
linkratos  +   985d ago
Yeah but you don't think being a Launch Exclusive will boost its hype? It looks like perhaps the best Wii U launch game, I'm sure it will sell better than Origins did on the Wii (which is where it sold the most). And being an exclusive always seems to get people more interested.

I honestly think this will sell better on Wii U than Origins did overall. It has the momentum of a critically acclaimed predecessor in addition to being a launch exclusive.

I do think it may be ported to PS4/720 if they have tablet controllers.
SlavisH2  +   986d ago
I hope it at least comes out digitally on ps360
mike1up  +   985d ago
I know that Nintendo stated that "we don't pay for exclusives" ...but there has to be something extra going on with Ubisoft. Two 3rd party exclusives available at launch is uncommon (especially for a console launching first in it's gen), however, for Nintendo it is simply unheard of.

Nintendo may not pay actual currency for exclusives, but imo there must be some kind of incentive to "sweeten the deal". Namco-Bandai is a perfect example of this. Tekken will be appearing on a Nintendo home console for the very first time, while at the same time, Nintendo partners with Namco-Bandai for the next Super Smash Bros.. Coincidence?
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Adexus  +   985d ago
Really hope it goes multi-platform, loved Origins but I don't really want to buy a Wii U to play it :(
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Chrono  +   985d ago
Nintendo paid them for exclusivity because this will boost the Wii U initial sales.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   985d ago
Doubt it.
chukamachine  +   985d ago
Nintendo will have to have alot of exclusives this time around. Gimmicks won't do the trick.

Wii u will sell around 30-35million max.

Soccer mums and old people won't want it.
chaostrophies  +   985d ago
Soccer moms and old people will want it. Because its going to distract those heathen kids that much longer.

those kids who said they want a 360 more than a wii will be changing their minds this time around.

the controller also being a drawing pad, alone, is going to open a door to another realm of consumer.

not only is nintendo opening the door to even more diverse consumers, but also to the people who want top-of-the-line experiences in all things gaming. (graphics, FPS, ai, etc.)

WiiU will sell a buttfuckington of consoles.
Freakazoid2012  +   985d ago | Well said
LMAO at some of the comments

When its PS3 its all about exclusives
When its Wii U why make it exclusive?

IN one article people will say they have no interest in Wii U because it has no exclusives, then they come to an article about a Wii U exclusive and say it doesnt make sense

Some of you are so threatened by a piece of plastic that you are making yourselves look stupid. Worst part is most of you are Sony supporters and you make real gamers like me look bad by hating on one company and blindly following another..
I'm not worried about the Wii U at all. IN fact I am looking forward to it but unlike most of you, I know I'll enjoy Sony's games just as much after the Wii U launch as I did before. Just sad that you have this mentality that somehow another console having better specs and access to exclusives means you cant enjoy the games and console you have any more. There is no other reason to explain the blind hate and double standards you kids have shown as of late
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Venox2008  +   985d ago
yea man, so much stupid kids/fanboys these days...why can't they tolerate every console? sure they don't need to play with it,but they shoudn't bash every other than they have..can't wait for Wii U
Sono421  +   984d ago
The fact that people even disagree with your comment... just shows how pathetic people are on here, honestly its sickening, this site is so filled with trash and idiotic fanboys its sad. Mods try doing atleast a little bit of work! oh wait, the only reason this site is around is because it thrives off of these ignorant fanboys? oh.. no wonder you do nothing. Mods and fanboys for the lose. Gamers for the win.
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jperez96  +   985d ago
Bring it to ps3 and use the vita as an optional controller!
nintendojunkie28  +   985d ago
jperez96  +   985d ago
Its the same thing? Why not port it?
Acquiescence  +   985d ago
Timed exclusive...
I bet my girlfriend on it. Hell I'd even bet the dog!
smashcrashbash  +   985d ago
Nintendo doesn't pay for exclusives. They said so themselves. Do you really think Ubisoft would give up the money they get from a PS3 and 360 version just to make it for a system that hasn't come out or gotten any sales or proven itself? If you do then you really don't know Ubisoft at all.It makes it even worse that Rayman
Origins didn't sell very well even on multiple platforms. So what sense would it make to risk that happening again by putting it on a single platform? How would that make it better? You give up the people on the other systems that did buy it to go on a new system where people might buy it? That is one big risk especially if he is competing against Mario
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TheTwelve  +   985d ago
Noooooooo way this is staying on the Wii U forever. This is coming to the Vita just as surely as Dawnguard is coming to the PS3. --- 12
3-4-5  +   985d ago
This game isn't here to convince people to buy the Wii U.
It isn't a system seller.

What it is though is depth...gaming/software depth.

They are just building up...slowly..their catalog of quality games.

this will be one of them for people who find this genre interesting to them.
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Romudeth  +   985d ago
I hope this comes to other systems eventually. Rayman: Origins was a lot of fun and I imagine this one will be just as good if not better.
ChunkyLover53  +   985d ago
Seems to me that this Rayman game relies heavily on the Wii U Gamepad, which is why its exclusive. I love Rayman games, so this is one I'll definitely be interested in for the Wii U launch.
Freakazoid2012  +   985d ago
It's kinda funny when you think about it. Without Rayman there would be no rabbids games. Without the Rabbids, the Killer Freaks concept would have never existed and without Killer Freaks there would be no ZombiU.

Just funny how it all links together but who would have thought that Rayman would lead to a FPS survival horror game
TheLastGuardian  +   984d ago
I will be sorely disappointed if this doesn't come to other systems. I loved Rayman Origins, I even bought a second copy last week to keep sealed forever. I plan on buying a 3rd copy when the Vita version gets a price drop.

I wanted a sequel really bad after playing Rayman Origins. I was on cloud 9 when the first Rayman Legends trailer was leaked. I'd like to play it on PS3 using the PS Vita to control murphy. I may end up getting a Wii U eventually, so if it doesn't go multiplat, I'll play it on there.
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