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Diablo Creator David Brevik Addresses Diablo III, Talks Marvel Heroes

There’s been a lot of online controversy since Gamescom 2012 that originated from Diablo creator David Brevik commenting on the gameplay flaws in Diablo III. Brevik has stood by his honest response to IncGamer. Blizzard Entertainment Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson, who went off on Brevik via a Facebook posting, has since apologized for his tirade.

I reached out to Brevik, who founded Gazillion Entertainment and is focusing his attention on the free-to-play Marvel Heroes online game. Gazillion recently called this game the “spiritual successor to Diablo II.” Brevik talks about the Diablo franchise, including Diablo III, and why fans of that franchise will like Marvel Heroes in this exclusive interview. (Blizzard, David Brevik, Diablo III, Gazillion, Marvel Heroes, PC)

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