Yoichi Wada: Dragon Quest IX nearly finished

After a long time we did not hear anything about Dragon Quest IX, Yoichi Wada, current president of Square Enix, has revealed that the game is "nearly finished" in an interview with Bloomberg News.

This means North American DS gamers might still be able to play Dragon Quest IX this year.

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f7ss13851d ago

oh man this game is just gonna have absolutely INSANE sales in japan. they'll probly cancel school across the country for its release haha, just about everyone in japan has 2 er 3 ds's already

PS360WII3851d ago

Ha I think Japan already has a law out saying no DQ game can be released on a Weekday for everyone from work to school would call in. This game is bigger than big in Japan even bigger than FF! Square Enix though does seem to not stock as many units as they should for these DS games. Hopefully the have a million or more ready when launch happens.

zerolinkgannon3851d ago

Strawberry on the shortcake!!

lonestarmt3851d ago

dragon quest 8 was perfect so I got a DS really just for this game ( well also final fantasy tatics and phoenix wright) However I'm sort of bummed of the main character designs. They all look like children again which really turns me off an rpg ( its what killed blue dragon for me) What do you guys think? think the story and perfect classical rpg gameply will be more than enough to make it worth it?

PS360WII3851d ago

Yes I'm a stickler for turn bases rpgs and the story will be done well I'm sure. Kid characters don't turn me off to much as I did like Blue Dragon (and I'm looking forward to the DS version ^^)

lonestarmt3851d ago

I'm a sucker too. Its my favorite video game genre. DO you think I need to play blue dragon to play blue dragon DS?

PS360WII3851d ago

Doubtful you'll need to play the 360 version to know what's up for the DS version. I think the DS version will be before or new story all together. It's probably just to get more Japanese gamers intrested in the idea of Blue Dragon seeing that Japan doesn't really play the Xbox

Iamback3851d ago

Probably one of biggest sellers in 08, at least in Japan

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