David Jaffe Talks Twisted Metal and Eat, Sleep, Play

David Jaffe, our favorite creator of Greek gods of war and megalomaniacal fiery headed clowns, sat down with Wired Game|Life to chat about Twisted Metal and on what his new indie studio Eat, Sleep, Play is up to.

On opening a brand new studio and then going back to Twisted Metal as their first project: "And it really honestly started out as a good business decision. It was a way to get some money in the bank, it was a way to get everybody hired, get all the equipment going, and kind of make sure that we could get a game out within this year sort of as a test of, do we have our infrastructure working? We were nearly beginning the design phase of the new PlayStation 3 game at the same time, so it never really felt like a problem for us to do it, and it seemed like a good business decision."

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fenderputty3735d ago

Does that mean we can expect a new Twisted Metal this year as well? If so ... I'm really going to be a happy and broke man. Add another one to the list.

ZombiesNJ3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I hope that he brings the Twisted Metal Series to the PS3. I can't wait for God Of War to make it's debut on PS3 too (even though he's not behind it). Calling All Cars was fun but should have been $5 IMO.

AnthonyPerez3735d ago

I remember Twisted Metal Black fondly. I had so much fun with that game, which is crazy for a car combat game. Usually the formula gets old, but I can still pop in Twisted Metal Black now and have a blast. It was the best PS2 game I had around the launch of the console.

darkside3735d ago

that's a funny picture of David Jaffe. it's like he going to entertain a bunch of 8 year old at a birthday party. lol :)

bring Twisted Metal to the PS3 already!!!

Lord_Ash3735d ago

I like his comment on The race karts and the banana

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