GTA 4 - Niko getting arrested in Official Xbox Magazine

The latest issue of the US version of Official Xbox Magazine has a new GTA IV screenshot . It depicts Niko getting arrested by two cops. Enjoy.

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BlazeXXL3847d ago

I wanna see some ingame footage, or just release the game already :P

Rikitatsu3847d ago

all what you see is In-game... however its properly not Gameplay

jessehaysfl3847d ago

this screen is from one of the trailers its not even new/s why the hell xbox mag needs to put out these screens is to sell more games on its conslow so maybe they can afford to pay for yahoo.

and i said conslow!

mesh13847d ago

hahahaha it will be a great day when i step foot into liberty city all the games before it were amazing especially san Andreas

Oprah Without MakeUp3847d ago

I need to go ahead and put in my preorder. I think this is one of those games that might be a problem to find. I still don't know which console to get if for.

Exhaust3847d ago

Coming from a hardcore GTA fan with both a PS3 and 360 I'd have to say go with the 360 version. If you want the COMPLETE GTAIV experience you need the extra missions coming exclusively to 360. PS3 will get DLC as well but not the extra missions.

belal3847d ago

why cant you just shut the f**ck up ? both games are compleated ;) and one more think u monkeyass, you wont get that download content before 2009 !!!! so hmm why do u want to wait ? and one more thing ps3 is allso getting download content ;) not the xbox content but something else so STFU!!!!!

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