Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition - NeoGAFer 'Durante' to the rescue - working on a resolution fix

DSOGaming writes: "Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition will be unlocked in a couple of hours and we bet that most of you are really disappointed with the game's resolution lock. Well, NeoGAF user 'Durante' decided to take a look at this game and after 23 minutes, the modder figured out a way to unlock the game's internal resolution."

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NYC_Gamer2125d ago

I knew the community would be working hard on unlocks

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2125d ago

I am hoping for ice enhancer mod.

BiggCMan2125d ago

Hmm, I don't think modding will go that far with this game, but I could be wrong. I'm not familiar with how to make mods, only downloading them and using them. But I thought games had to be open enough for modding to be done, cuz I know not every PC game in the world has mods for it, but maybe for a different reason, dunno. For anyone that does know more about how mods work, can ANY game receive huge graphical mods, and content mods, to the extent of an Elder Scrolls game or Crysis? If that were true, than good lord I cannot wait to see what could be done with Dark Souls. I just pre-loaded mine earlier today on Steam.

john22125d ago

Some are already working on a FXAA Injector mod. However, you won't be able to use the resolution fix with the FXAA Injector (as both of them use the same .dll file). A mix might come out in the future though

john22125d ago

Just take a look at the first (Durante's fix) and the third (vanilla version) pictures. Huge difference.

StayStatic2125d ago

Was hoping that would be the case as I looked at the images before reading and thinking that third one looked terrible in comparison lol.

GG Moders & Durante in this particular case :)

Parappa2125d ago

Not even sure why they made the Dark Souls game to begin with. They should've just made Demon's Souls 2 as Demon's Souls was better than Dark Souls to begin with. Dark Souls felt like a downgraded/casualized Demon's Souls.

cleft52125d ago

One of the reasons behind From Software making Dark Souls instead of Demon's Souls 2 is a licensing issue with Sony. Basically they wanted to bring Demon's Souls to multiple platforms and they couldn't do that with Sony owning part of the license to Demon's Souls.

However, if you played Demon's Souls a lot you will immediately notice the blatant similarities between the two games. The reason From Software was able to get away with this is because of a deal they made with Sony to keep the Dark Souls title exclusive to Sony PS3 in Japan. Not really a big deal considering how the 360 sells in Japan.

As far your feelings that Demon's Souls is better than Dark Souls, well that is just your opinion. I played Demon's Souls around 600 to 700 hours and I still prefer Dark Souls. What I dislike about Dark Souls is all the nonsense that happens in PvP. I preferred Demon's Souls PvP because I felt like you could get more honorable matches, but the truth is that there was just as much bs in Demon's Souls too. However, I wish to the gaming gods that I still had my Claymore moveset from Demon's Souls in Dark Souls.

SirBradders2125d ago

Tempted to buy this on pc too now :-)

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