Who needs Blu-ray or HD DVD anyway?

WITH Warner Brothers' defection last month to the Blu-ray camp, Sony would appear to have won the battle with Toshiba over which format-Blu-ray or HD DVD-is to become the ultimate high-definition replacement for the venerable DVD.

Five of Hollywood's eight big studios, which account for 70% of the home-video market, have now opted (or, not to put too fine a point on it, been bribed with barrow-loads of cash) to release their high-definition prints solely on Blu-ray discs. The move has sparked a fire-sale of discounted Toshiba HD DVD players, with an entry model going for less than $100.

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MikeGdaGod3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

me and my 42' plasma.........

but truthfully, i haven't bought one bluray movie since i've had my ps3. i either rent them or watch dvds upscaled because i can rarely see a difference the ps3 does it so well.

the only bluray movie i own is Talladega Nights and that came with the system.

Silver3603704d ago

I have Verizon Fios for internet and boy is it fast. Have the low package and still get about 17mbps. Stream videos like nothing. Still waiting on the contract with NYC to be settled for video content, but I have seen it working on long island and the picture is great. Technology is great. The more people looking for your money the better product the have to offer.

cartman3133704d ago

Hey, how does that Fios work? I looked it up on their website and it said first computer they hook up is free, but additional ones cost $80 or something like that. So 3 computers, and 2 Ps3's...Or is it easy to just hook up yourself?

Silver3603704d ago

and also wireless so you are pretty much set if you don't mind running wires yourself. for internet it runs me about $40 a month. To be honest I can not picture myself going back to dsl or cable I just love the bandwidth.

Boldy3704d ago

I could understand why movie studios are becoming nervous because there are so many formats (Blu-ray, HD-DVD, Digital Distribution, DVD) that are available that they are not sure which one to choose to put forward.

Rice3704d ago

Blu-ray does not really play a big factor for me, but since i have a ps3 minus well take advantage of it... i think most of the movies im gonna rent and the only movies im gonna purchase is Juno, and hairspray... for now.

HowarthsNJ3704d ago

The ones that are watched over and over again through the years.

Upscaled DVD is good enough for all the rest IMO.

Did you mean to type "might as well"?

Rice3704d ago

my bad, lol... The only blu ray movies i would get are the ones that i would watch every year or so.

dale13704d ago

$399 isn,t it for the 40 gig not $499 not done his home work i see

PROGnosis3704d ago

yeah i was surprised to see $399 as well

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The story is too old to be commented.