As Vita sales lag, a new publisher goes all-in on the handheld

Gamasutra- There's doom and gloom surrounding the future of Sony's PlayStation Vita. But one new publisher has teamed up with talented indie developers who have faith in the handheld's potential.

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Snookies122036d ago

"For me as a publisher, we can either whine about lack of sales, or we can go out and publish unique and compelling games for the Vita that drive sales,"

Thank god someone has sense...

GribbleGrunger2036d ago

Abso-bloody-lutely! At last, a dev that remembers how it used to be!

SilentNegotiator2036d ago

Plus, if you can be that ONE dev/pub that does well on even a slow platform, you can do really well.

That said, it isn't necessarily THEIR place to push sales, but it's great that they took the initiative. And if they CAN become that must-have devs/pub of that system....good on 'em.

sikbeta2035d ago


It's easy to talk, look at whoever say that not doing it at all :/

Western Devs/Pubs = Home Consoles

Eastern Devs/Pubs = Handheld

SilentNegotiator2035d ago

"It's easy to talk, look at whoever say that not doing it at all"

At least 3 games are in the works by them.

3 games = Not doing anything at all?

Xof2035d ago

"That said, it isn't necessarily THEIR place to push sales, but it's great that they took the initiative."

No, it's not their place AT ALL to push hardware sales. It's Sony's. You know, Sony. Remember them? They're the people who add digital content to the PSN network every week, games and themes and avatars and videos and all kinds of nifty stuff for their customers to download. It's Sony's place to drive sales, partly by releasing first party games, partly by encouraging third-party development, and partly by maintaining a level of product-awareness with consistent PSN content updates.

They've failed to do any of that.

So, yes, it's nice to see a third party developer step up to the plate, as it were. But at the same time, it's pathetic and insulting that Sony's ineptitude is forcing them to take a risk like that in the first place.

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rezzah2036d ago

I was thinking about this today at work.

"Why do people wait for sales to increase when they can create games to increase sales?"

Captain Tuttle2036d ago

Because with a larger user base the chances of making a profit increase.

Anyway, good luck to the guy. Fortune favors the bold and all that.

Eyeco2036d ago

the ps vita has tons of potential, its problem is that it seems to suffer from the same issues that plagued the PSP, that being

A: it never had any original IP's that were unique to the handheld, with the exception of games like Patapon, JRPG'S, meaning if you weren't into RPG's the psp was almost useless

B: it felt more like a console than a handheld, e.g. Console ports , Console ip's on the system. And

C:The Pricing

MasterCornholio2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Console IPs are not the problem because the 3DS sells well because of them.

Can you imagine the 3DS selling without Mario which is an IP that started on a console?


small442036d ago

How it dosn't have original IP?
Sound Shape,Escape Plan,Gravity Rush,Reality Fighter,Soul Sacrifice are not original for You.
And tell me witch consoles dosn't have port?
What is the originals games in 3DS if the Titles witch i cited are not originals?

AWBrawler2036d ago


true 3DS has mario, but you forget that the best selling games on Nintendo's portables tend to be Pokemon (made for portables) and Animal Crossing, which i Always believed should have been a portable from day 1, but lacked the hardware at the time.

kariyanine2036d ago

@cornholio Nintendo operates on a different level though. Mario and Zelda are brands of their own, Sony doesn't have anything that has that kind of pervasive reach.

clearelite2035d ago

I would say replace B with, "could use better marketing" and you may be on to something.

people may disagree yet remain baffled when inferior hardware manages to pull better numbers.

Vita in it's first few months trumped 3DS first year of games, yet hasn't sold as well yet.

nintendo's PRICE DROP (as you alluded to) and proper marketing made a HUGE difference.

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Heavenly King2036d ago

Yeah! I was wondering how/why publishers think that in order to start developing games for a system, it first needs to sell good; when in reality it is the other way around. In order to achieve good sales on any system, it first needs huge quantities of great games.

It is like if most publishers are expecting hardware to be sold without any software to support it. A really stupid way of thinking on their part.

turgore2035d ago

Build it and they will come.

Mounce2035d ago

Fuckin' right. Now if they make awesome games, I'll be sure to support them.

showtimefolks2035d ago

So a 2.2 million sale and this fall with strong line up is bad sales? Why is that people forgetting how bad 3DS did before Nintendo had to lower the price and you compare vita launch line with 3DS and it's not even a competition Sony had a great launch but than I think they didn't follow up with that

But let's not act like vita is doom and all not again after all the ps3 doom articles enough move on. Give it enough time 10 months isn't a whole lot of time

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Edward752036d ago

Very good to see a glimmer of hope in the negative sky.... It's good to see game makers follow with what they believe in. I hope it's a trend that continues. This is the kinda news vita needs!

r212036d ago

Yes, more support for vita! :D Looking forward to playing these games.

rpd1232036d ago

I almost shat myself because I read Big Sky Infinity as Bioshock Infinite.

rpd1232034d ago

Lol, why are people disagreeing with me, it has nothing to do with anyone else but me.

vork772036d ago

Lower the vita price and release new and good games then I will get it!!!!!

rpd1232036d ago

It's already got a lot of solid titles, and getting a bundle is essentially a price drop.

G20WLY2036d ago

I don't know where you are, but there are some amazing deals around at the moment.

For example in the UK in HMV, you can now get a Vita with Uncharted and Everybody's Golf for £214! Both great games, so no excuses - BUY ONE!

I did and I'm loving it :)

andibandit2035d ago

Already have uncharted on ps3, and golf isnt me

G20WLY2035d ago

@bandit, I was really just trying to help Vork77 by highlighting that deal, but there are others with different games too, if you prefer.

BTW did you know Uncharted on Vita is a completely new story, rather than a remake? It has optional new control methods too - sniping is much better!

If you did know and was just being 'clever', consider this; having Halo/Mass Effect won't stop you buying the next sequel, will it?

If you didn't know, I'm sure you'll accept my aplologies. It's hard not to be cynical with all the trolls around these parts! :)

SoundGamer2035d ago

It doesn't need a price drop right now and there are great bundles coming out for a steal.

dboyman2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I think its not the Vita price itself that is expensive and holding it back but the EXPENSIVE Proprietary Memory Cards. Sony seriously needs to drop the price on the memory cards ASAP...