Alan Wake Devs Hiring For Next-Gen Project

The Game Effect has discovered the job listings on Remedy's official website hint that the company is looking for talent for a next-gen project.

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nofallouthero2096d ago

i hope its a open world alan wake game like they had original plan doing

Wikkid6662096d ago

An open world just won't work with Alan Wake. It's too story driven.

nofallouthero2096d ago

there no reason a story driven game couldnt be more open for the player it would just need to be paced well and i think remedy is a good enough to do it

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

You don't know that.. Originally Remedy didn't think that then M$ came along.

I guess Alan Wake is to story driven for all the physics to?

On top of that Alan Wake is not even MS top seller. And it was pirated 1M+ times on 360.

I hope pc is lead platform. Since they profited from it. And I hope M$ does't own the right to the game since they are so anti core gamer.(Killer Instinct lol)

Parappa2096d ago

They were going to make it a huge open world but 360 couldn't handle it so they decided to downgrade it for the 360 and cancel it on PC. Eventually they decided to bring the watered down vision of the game to PC later on.

I don't think they should ever do another Alan Wake game again. They should just make a new IP as Alan Wake is garbage.

Blankman852096d ago

Known fanboy does not like IP that is not available to his favourite console. Shocker.
Suck rope and die.

Ben_Grimm2096d ago

Sorry Parappa, don't know where you got that idea from but you couldn't be more wrong.

They had it running for six months as an open world style game but it didn't fit with the pace of the storyline.

Couple more links explaining a little bit more just in case you don't trust Kotaku.


WeskerChildReborned2096d ago

Open world games tend to interest me alot more than linear ones except if the linear games are really good or interesting like MGS4.

Thecraft19892096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

They've been advertising jobs for this next gen project since late last year.

KMCROC542096d ago

Yes give me more MF Alan Wake,this game needs a full sequel .

GiantFriendlyCrab2096d ago

alan wake rpg in a sandbox please

NYC_Gamer2096d ago

I don't want Remedy to produce another limited variety game in these areas combat/setting/enemies like AW was.

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The story is too old to be commented.