SurferGirl "rumors" about Resistance 2, WiiWare and successor to Fight Night

Posted on Surfer girl blog - 31 of January 2008

Surfer Girl:"1) Facebreaker is the successor to Fight Night (it did start as a Fight Night Round 4/Fight Night 08, but evolved into something more unique), but do not fear as it is does not disregard the strong gameplay of its predecessor. Unlike the terrible Prizefighter, all people who have made significant contributions to Facebreaker are actually getting paid and are credited.
2) Resistance 2 trailer next month (you are probably reading this in February, so later this month), as well seeing the game (which looks amazing) in action in non-trailer form.
3) Epicenter Studios is working on a WiiWare title for release later this year."

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Darkiewonder3823d ago

Facebreaker was more Ready 2 Rumble. [Since someone had to make that type of game]

As far as resistance 2. The day R2 was revealed, everyone speculated about a video and most people pinnned it to GDC ;o

Iamback3823d ago

I dont remember Surfer girl saying for any game "looks amazing" prior to this. RE2 must be very impressive, can't wait to see it in motion.

Also Skater boy said few day ago that RE2 will be present but also Kz2, we will see how that ends up. He also stated that HOME will be the number one topic from Sony, and that launch is planned for May.

Darkiewonder3823d ago

Some of the programmers from Insomniac will be doing a tutorial session. They can just throw out their new game [R2] at them and tell them about it. As far as sony goes. they must be hanging out at a booth showing the game off. Haven't heard any word about them so far [and K2] O.o. Home I know about. they'll be showing off some tools for developers and such. So I can see them showing off the latest build.

Guess we'll have to wait a few more weeks. the PS.Blog should update us about it. [or any other sites]

DrPirate3822d ago

Killzone 2 will be there with a new environment and multiplayer footage/plans.

It'll be an awesome GDC this year.

zonetrooper53823d ago

InB4SurferGirl is a 28 year old fat dude.

Would be awesome if there is a Resistance 2 trailer, can not wait for this game. Man my wallet is gonna die this year. =(

sonarus3823d ago

Most likely this would be the highlight of sony's GDC. I wonder what else they will be showcasing. Hopefully the uncover some of the dust under titles such as eight days maybe we'll hear more on kz2 and killzone as well

DRUDOG3823d ago

The fact that GDC is coming up and that this is going to be a huge title for the PS3, it is an obvious (IMO) rumor choice. Sometimes that dude says sh!t that is so obvious. Whatever happened to that website that was keeping track of surfergirls accuracy or how obvious the rumors are.

Hmmm, let's see...
There are a ton of huge games coming out on the PS3 this year, I think I'll pick RFoM2 and say that we'll be seeing a trailer for it this month! I'll go out on another limb and say that we'll probably be seeing trailers on almost (if not all) the bigger titles coming to PS3 this year. Now, was that a stretch? Don't think so.

fenderputty3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

she looks like the girl in the pic thank you very much. lol

I not only want RFOM2 in motion, I want more KZ2 info.

mighty_douche3823d ago

I'll approve it even though i think surfer"girl" is full of crap.

TheHater3823d ago

bubbles for you for speaking the truth. "she" is full of it

Gazman3823d ago

old news well done cut and paste girl

TheHater3823d ago

finally someone else notice her bullsh!t

Filanime033823d ago

I gave u bubbles very funny comment.

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