New Star Ocean IV footage is SO2's pre-order bonus

If you thought to pre-order Star Ocean: Second Evolution, here is another reason to do so: Anyone that pre-orders the game will receive a bonus DVD that features new Star Ocean IV footage, which is described by Famitsu as "too good to miss".

Star Ocean: Second Evolution is scheduled for release on April 2, 2008.

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Le-mo3676d ago

April 2? That's a pretty big surprise considering we rarely seen any screenshots or videos. Has Square-Enix announced which platform this game will be on?

Darkiewonder3676d ago

Nope. and I don't expect them to show which platform it is in the footage. It's a tease too ;(

visage3676d ago

April 2nd is when Second Evolution is coming out in Japan (the SO2 remake)

Doctor Strange3676d ago

I think its safe to say its coming to the PS3 but its still up in the air.

crck3676d ago

might go multiplat to the 360 as well but I'm sure it will also make its way to the PS3.

Luca Blight3676d ago

If SO2 was released in the US. But really, it doesn't matter - the footage will be on the internet a day after release.

SaiyanFury3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

This is great news. If Star Ocean 2 is released in the US that is. Japanese RPG producers are notorious about not releasing remakes of older games in North America. I hope this one makes it over as well as several of the Tales of games from Namco. Here's hoping! :)

INehalemEXI3676d ago

I look forward to seeing Star Ocean IV , Till the End of Time storyline was Great.