GTA 5: New Screens Vs GTA: San Andreas Comparison

NowGamer has compared the latest 'Leisure' and 'Transport' screenshots to their equivalents in GTA: San Andreas.

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TimmyShire2071d ago

It's interesting to see the difference. Good article.

Rumor2070d ago

Rollover to see difference?? I'm on a tablet dammnit!!

inveni02070d ago

You just have to touch to see them on a tablet.

skyward2071d ago

That parachute shot really shows how far things have come in just 8 years. The irony is GTA 5 will most likely play 95% similar to San Andreas.

ardivt2070d ago

The irony is GTA 5 will most likely play 95% similar to San Andreas.

I hope you are right!

Simco8762070d ago

Second this. If it does play like SA, then hot damn! (or coffee)

josephayal2070d ago

nothing can beat San Andreas

BitbyDeath2070d ago

I hope so, the driving mechanics in GTAIV were horrid.

humbleopinion2070d ago

I actually hope it doesn't. I recently played it, and Going back to that dated control scheme after all the progress we've seen in the genre during the years... well, lets just say it wasn't pleasant. I felt as if I'm struggling with the controls and missed so many of the modern concepts I got used to since then. If I could summarize the controls in one word it would be "stiff".

From GTA IV to Just Cause 2 to Saints Row 3 to the recent Sleeping Dogs, I think it's amazing to see how much the mechanics and controls have evolved in less than a decade.

cee7732068d ago


yes san andreas was legendary. its the game that takes you away other games

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crimsonfox2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

Truly great to see the evolution of this series. This is one of those games to tell everyone about I'm sure it's going to be GOTY quality R* never lets ME down. I'm glad their taking us back to Los Santos again. really glad. San Andreas is one of my top 3 games of all time. But I'm Really surprised that we aren't getting a Vice City this gen. although i don't think Vice City would work as good as it did outside of the 80's theme so if they do a new one in Vice City I think I'd like it to be in the 80's also. I'm sorry i just realized i got way off topic :P Just thinking out loud now.

maxcon2070d ago

San Andreas doesn't even look as bad as I thought it would 8 years later. That said, GTA V kills it and looks pretty great.

-Gespenst-2070d ago

Yeah seeing those shots of SA kind of make me want to play it again. I genuinely still think it looks great.

Yodagamer2070d ago

Man it would be awesome if they did a hd collection with this engine to celebrate gta V XD

snowman21492070d ago

Yeah, even better if its for the vita! San Andreas would look stunning with HD visuals on the vita's screen..

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