3 Reasons Why We Want Battlefield: Bad Company 3, Not Battlefield 4

Clearly, EA missed the hint after Battlefield 3 launched... we want another Bad Company.

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WildArmed1975d ago

Idk about number 2, but I sure loved how open BC2 was, and most of all, the destruction!

Fav. part of the game was setting bobby traps, a squad goes in the building, they hear C4s go off, and it's too late for them to jump ship :D

infamous-butcher1975d ago

That was my biggest disappointment with BF3. Too many buildings are standing at the end of the match.

WildArmed1975d ago

hahaha, yes all thsoe C4s, RPGs, Motors, missiles from jets, tank shells should level the map by it's end.. what a sight that would be :D

In BC2, I remember as we moved up base by base in Rush, you could clearly see the map being leveled inch by inch. Always made me smile.

Peppino71975d ago

What are the chances they bring back that same level of destruction, or better, for BC3?

Captain Qwark 91975d ago

agreed. the destruction was so much better when everything could be leveled. it also add a sense of urgency in the rush mode thats lacking in bf3. what i mean by that bc2 the attackers made it a point to try to get the crates asap because if you waited, it got harder and harder because of a lack of cover.

in bf3 the battlefield barely changes. just not as good imo

PockyKing1975d ago

Harvest Day felt like a real battle, watching things blow up from the starting point on that map and tanks busting through the field was awesome.

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Andreas-Sword1975d ago

I want Bad Company 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brosy1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Of the two BC1 was more alot open in the campaign. I wish they would return to BC1 formula. They would present you with this huge map and mark an objective. You could freely roam around the map and attack the objective how you pleased. BC2 was alot more linear. It was setpiece to setpiece hopping in BC2. If you haven't tried out BC1 singleplayer I highly recommend it. You could probably get it for like $5 used.

Sobaer1975d ago

Yeah, BC1 was a lot more open... but BC2 was still more free-roam than most shooters on the market. And I liked the story to 2 better. Both are exceptional games, though.

madpuppy1974d ago

I loved the campaign in BC1, Dice made the mistake of listening to reviewers and making the characters more serious, Haggard was GREAT in BC1 and he turned into a bitter, angry A-hole in BC2. I would love a BC3 with more of the great stuff from BC1 and the latest Frostbite engine. Plus, I want Haggard to screw with Sweetwater and hear about how truckasaurus rex might be able to go up against a Russian tank! or Haggard dating his cousin.
good stuff....

coolbeans1975d ago

"Fav. part of the game was setting booby traps..."

So that was you all along? O_o

I can kinda understand #2 b/c they were characters with character and not weighed down by the need for incessant cursing as their only character development. The writers have a chance with Bad Co. 3 to make fun of its own storyline too.

WildArmed1975d ago

hehehe can't say it was perfect.. sometimes I caused more TKs than actually kills :)

But I tried and it was fun, so that's what counts.. right? ><

Trunkz Jr1975d ago

If Battlefield 4 is BC3 just renamed I'd be happy with that, just don't promise us full clan support and possible mod tools in the future.

DeadlyFire1974d ago

I am thinking Dice/EA saw the F-up in BF3 and said wait a minute we will fix that. BF 4 appears on the radar.

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napoleon10661975d ago

Hated the single player for Battlefield 3. It was terrible... I would certainly love a return to the Bad Company style.

iamnsuperman1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I welcome a Bad Company game. I thought the second BC's story was less stupid and funny but it still was funny and that is what I liked about the series. I feel they shouldn't bury this franchise and they are in danger of doing so by releasing BF4. It has been a while since BC2.

BC 1 and 2 got the single player right with its insane level of destruction and quality story with characters I liked and they had some sort of personality not like we saw in the BF3 single player.

theDArKniGhT1571975d ago

How is Battlefield bad company 2? If it is good then I'll buy it

Sobaer1975d ago

You should go buy it. Fantastic campaign, stellar multiplayer, some of the best shooter maps designed.

MattyG1975d ago

It's a really fun game. Less "realistic" than BF3, but all the more fun for it.

napoleon10661975d ago

Recommend it highly. Great single player, fantastic multiplayer. Vietnam and co-op expansions are great too.

Moby-Royale1975d ago

To me it's, hands down, the most fun I have ever had online. You can get it for around 12 bucks new(I can't remember if it has a pass so get new).

Big, fun maps, varying environments, real destruction(I'm talking about leveling a three story building with enemies still inside), real vehicles, great hit-detection, ect ect.

Now, at least on PS3, at least on hardcore mode, sometimes it takes a bit to find a full match.

Just back out and try again. It never takes long.

SillyBastid1975d ago

yes, needs an online pass... i foolishly bought it used.

multiplayer is incredible, and vietnam expansion feels like an entirely new game.

it is very tough to find good full matches on vietnam anymore though

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sak5001975d ago

Agreed, i finished BC BC2 both on highest difficulty but still haven't finished BF3's single player even once. Somehow BF series just makes me think MP only from the 1000s of hours spent on MP of 1942/Vietnam/BF2/ BF2142. SP doen't feel right in BF series.

Sobaer1975d ago

Bad Company 1/2 are the only exceptions to that rule, but I agree, single player doesn't seem right. If they are going to throw it into the package, they as well make us happy and give us something worth playing though, a la BC2.

CaptCalvin1975d ago

They shoulda just brought back offline bot practice in place of the horrible campaign.

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