Why People Still Play World of Warcraft

Lobo says, "There is a lot of speculation going on about how the game is slowly losing more and more players as the time goes on. Not to mention, all the newer games coming out as well. Here is a very small Q&A I put together for continuing players. Still, there are some true blue fans out there who will probably play the game ’till its dying day."

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Brasi822097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Because people have invested many hours into the game. Simple =D

Treian2097d ago

pretty much. WoW is like the only thing left of my childhood and I simply refuse to let it go :).

Spinal2097d ago

No. Its not just investment its still the best mmo gameplay wise there it is. Ive tried many mmos.

Im playin Guild Wars 2 tomorrow for the head start an gw2 is the only mmo i can say competes with wow an does it well. I will be playing both gw2 an mop this year an for many other years.

Outside_ofthe_Box2097d ago

Because it's the epitome of PC gaming.

ElitaStorm2097d ago

cs and wow is the heart of pc