New Dead or Alive 5 Trailer Showcases Helena & Lisa in Action

Along with the brand new screenshots and artwork revealed from Dead or Alive 5 today, Tecmo Koei Europe has chosen to show two of the newly revealed heroines in action. Both Helena and Lisa will return in Dead or Alive 5, and today we see them battling against one another in the newly revealed ‘Depth’ stage.

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NewZealander1940d ago

same month as tekken tag 2.......DOA could be dead on arrival.

mathsman1940d ago

I've played both, DOA is FAR more progressive than TTT2.

NewZealander1940d ago

i used to love DOA but i wouldnt call it progressive, its all about girls in...well as little as possible, and they seem to struggle coming up with new and interesting characters so they are filling out the roster with second rate VF characters.

trust me tekken will wipe the floor with DOA, especially since itagaki isnt involved.

mathsman1940d ago


I was talking specifically about DOA5, and it is really progressive. It's got some great new ideas rather than rehashing the same old formulas like most fighting games this gen.

kevco331940d ago

Fighting game of the year right here. Really looking forward to it.