GameGrin: Assassin's Creed: Liberation Gamescom 2012 Preview

GameGrin Writes - "The Ubisoft offerings at gamescom 2012 included a chance to see a brief demonstration of Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation and as Assassin's Creed fans we naturally could not turn down the opportunity to see the upcoming PS Vita title for ourselves. Although our time with the game was very brief, we got the opportunity to see some interesting mechanics that set this new title apart from other entries in the franchise."

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rpd1231793d ago

I've seen this article like 20 times.

suriel1793d ago

How so? As in, somebody putting up the same article as this one - which should not be happening, or you are seeing similar articles for the same game?

Would you mind elaborating as I would like to sort things out if something untoward is happening.

rpd1231793d ago

As in I've been seeing similar articles for the same game. They all give background, say that they saw a demonstration, outline the outfit system. It's not a bad thing, sometimes there's new info in them, but the generally gist of every AC Liberation article lately has been the same.

suriel1791d ago

Ahh thanks for giving me some more detail dude :) I wasn't sure if you meant you had seen the same one, word for word on here. Appreciate the time you spent in writing back.