God of War or God of Bore?

Jarred is going to go out and say it… he does not get the God of War series and has no idea why people love that game enough to continue to rave about it. Now he knows that everyone is going to come here and say “Oh man, it is so epic” or that he'll be told “I just love the mythology behind it”.

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Hellsvacancy2034d ago

Im not a hugh GOW fan, ive played them all, enjoyed them, but i wouldnt go out my way to say there boring games, or write an article "briefly" explaining why i dont like the series

It is a combo of old puzzles/gameplay youve played before, the difference is GOW brings it all together and makes it work

I personally think Halo is boring, never understood why its so popular, its just another fps, with guns that shoot, and enemies that die, i dont care though, i just wont play it, or moan about it

sinncross2034d ago

I personally just like the arcade nature of the gameplay.

It feels immediate when you play. It is not combo heavy but that is ok, it is is different to your DMC type games (which are just as fun).

Anyways, its a stupid article.. especially the part about not being able to knock down doors etc... complaining about gaming conventions that have existed since the birth of gaming and still do.


Abash2034d ago

God of War is all action and strives to be epic with every battle and scene, it's the direct opposite of boredom

Blankman852034d ago

You'll just call it generic while encouraging others to keep negative comments about a game on your favourite console to themselves. Right?

NastyLeftHook02034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

I personally like everything about god of war. The story from the series is also one of the best stories in games ever told.

oh yeah, look at this...Frankfurt (1) | 12h ago

XD. so obvious, it cracks me up.

Thatguy-3102033d ago

I'm honestly just in it for the graphics, presentation and GORE against mythical beasts and Greek mythology (Set Pieces are AMAZING).

humbleopinion2033d ago

The article is just flamebait, yet you still DO bring Halo to a discussion about GOW in a completely unrelated way, still complain about it and still moan on "oh why is it so popular".

When are the days where stealth trolls were actually stealthy? It seems that even trolls were dumbed down for mainstream this gen.

Morgue2033d ago

Well said. Most intelligent comment I've read in a while.

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bicfitness2034d ago

I like the series, and I'll definitely buy this, but what personally sticks in my gullet are retellings of the past. I like to see my narratives moving forward and every PSP title as well as this new iteration have all been "before Kratos was Kratos" sorta things.

I would have been more interested to see a story about his briefly mentioned brother, but maybe they're saving that for the PS4 launch.

morganfell2034d ago

I can't quite follow. The reason being is, though I understand what you are saying the fact is Ghost of Sparta was a far different game. Yes it had similar mechanics and if that was all a person notices then no further explanation will be of assistance. However the feeling of the game was quite different. With this one exception, Kratos is someone I look at and think, "Well shut up. You brought these tragedies on yourself." I love the games but I hold him more responsible for his situation than the gods.

With Ghost of Sparta the game felt entirely different because it was a tragedy and not one of his own making. Because of this the entire game, for myself and several friends, felt through and through and ended off the mark from of other GoW titles.

I do agree with the moving forward and felt the fight with Hercules was a massive mistake on the part of Sony Santa Monica. Hercules had his own disagreement with the gods. But even more Hercules is a character ripe for this kind of game and one deserving of his own series. The Labors of Hercules alone could be an epic tale.

bicfitness2033d ago

It just preference. There's really no lines to read between. I like my stories to march onward. I've never been into flashbacks or re-visitations of history; it simply doesn't engage me. I'm not talking about the mechanics at all, moreover the narrative. GoW's mechanics have always been beyond reproach and enjoyable. In fact its the gameplay that allows me to trudge through another "Krato's greatest moments" title.

Ideally, GoW 4 will be about Kratos brother or will involve some other element that drives the story forward.

Series_IIa2034d ago

All of those types of games in general bore me silly.

the worst2034d ago

gears of war or gears of bore

MattyG2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Boy, you really stuck it to that multi-million unit selling franchise and didn't try to start a fanboy argument at all.

Bathyj2034d ago

And you stole my joke. >:(

GenericNameHere2034d ago

Might as well say the same for every game out there.
For example: (this might get redundant, as I'll make 10)
•Boring Fantasy (FF)
•Gears of Bore (Gears)
•Borecharted (Uncharted)
•Sobored (Sonic)
•Super Boring Brothers (SMB)
•The Legend of Boredom (LoZ)
•Modern Borefare (MW)
•Devil Bored Cry (DMC)
•Bored Fighter (SF)
•Bored Gear Solid (MGS)

MattyG2034d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Don't forget Super Bored Fighter and Super Bored Fighter Ulitmate-Mega Edition. They may seem similar, but they couldn't be more exactly alike.

UnSelf2033d ago

and dont forget Marvel vs Boredom 3

Ares902033d ago

Call of Bore: Black Bores & Modern Boredom
Grand Theft Bore
Resident Boring
Age of Boredom
Mass Boredom
Boring Big Planet
Boring Dogs
The Boring Dead
Boreman: Boring Assylum & Boring City
Boring Kombat
Boring Strike
Red Dead Boredom

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