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Submitted by dawid22 1267d ago | opinion piece

God of War or God of Bore?

Jarred is going to go out and say it… he does not get the God of War series and has no idea why people love that game enough to continue to rave about it. Now he knows that everyone is going to come here and say “Oh man, it is so epic” or that he'll be told “I just love the mythology behind it”. (Culture, God of War)

Hellsvacancy  +   1268d ago
Im not a hugh GOW fan, ive played them all, enjoyed them, but i wouldnt go out my way to say there boring games, or write an article "briefly" explaining why i dont like the series

It is a combo of old puzzles/gameplay youve played before, the difference is GOW brings it all together and makes it work

I personally think Halo is boring, never understood why its so popular, its just another fps, with guns that shoot, and enemies that die, i dont care though, i just wont play it, or moan about it
sinncross  +   1268d ago
I personally just like the arcade nature of the gameplay.

It feels immediate when you play. It is not combo heavy but that is ok, it is is different to your DMC type games (which are just as fun).

Anyways, its a stupid article.. especially the part about not being able to knock down doors etc... complaining about gaming conventions that have existed since the birth of gaming and still do.

Abash  +   1267d ago
God of War is all action and strives to be epic with every battle and scene, it's the direct opposite of boredom
Blankman85  +   1267d ago
You'll just call it generic while encouraging others to keep negative comments about a game on your favourite console to themselves. Right?
NastyLeftHook0  +   1267d ago
I personally like everything about god of war. The story from the series is also one of the best stories in games ever told.

oh yeah, look at this...Frankfurt (1) | 12h ago

XD. so obvious, it cracks me up.
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dboyc310  +   1267d ago
I'm honestly just in it for the graphics, presentation and GORE against mythical beasts and Greek mythology (Set Pieces are AMAZING).
humbleopinion  +   1267d ago
The article is just flamebait, yet you still DO bring Halo to a discussion about GOW in a completely unrelated way, still complain about it and still moan on "oh why is it so popular".

When are the days where stealth trolls were actually stealthy? It seems that even trolls were dumbed down for mainstream this gen.
Morgue  +   1266d ago
Well said. Most intelligent comment I've read in a while.
bicfitness  +   1268d ago
I like the series, and I'll definitely buy this, but what personally sticks in my gullet are retellings of the past. I like to see my narratives moving forward and every PSP title as well as this new iteration have all been "before Kratos was Kratos" sorta things.

I would have been more interested to see a story about his briefly mentioned brother, but maybe they're saving that for the PS4 launch.
morganfell  +   1267d ago
I can't quite follow. The reason being is, though I understand what you are saying the fact is Ghost of Sparta was a far different game. Yes it had similar mechanics and if that was all a person notices then no further explanation will be of assistance. However the feeling of the game was quite different. With this one exception, Kratos is someone I look at and think, "Well shut up. You brought these tragedies on yourself." I love the games but I hold him more responsible for his situation than the gods.

With Ghost of Sparta the game felt entirely different because it was a tragedy and not one of his own making. Because of this the entire game, for myself and several friends, felt through and through and ended off the mark from of other GoW titles.

I do agree with the moving forward and felt the fight with Hercules was a massive mistake on the part of Sony Santa Monica. Hercules had his own disagreement with the gods. But even more Hercules is a character ripe for this kind of game and one deserving of his own series. The Labors of Hercules alone could be an epic tale.
bicfitness  +   1267d ago
It just preference. There's really no lines to read between. I like my stories to march onward. I've never been into flashbacks or re-visitations of history; it simply doesn't engage me. I'm not talking about the mechanics at all, moreover the narrative. GoW's mechanics have always been beyond reproach and enjoyable. In fact its the gameplay that allows me to trudge through another "Krato's greatest moments" title.

Ideally, GoW 4 will be about Kratos brother or will involve some other element that drives the story forward.
Series_IIa  +   1267d ago
All of those types of games in general bore me silly.
the worst  +   1267d ago
gears of war or gears of bore
MattyG  +   1267d ago
Boy, you really stuck it to that multi-million unit selling franchise and didn't try to start a fanboy argument at all.
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Bathyj  +   1267d ago
And you stole my joke. >:(
GenericNameHere  +   1267d ago
Might as well say the same for every game out there.
For example: (this might get redundant, as I'll make 10)
•Boring Fantasy (FF)
•Gears of Bore (Gears)
•Borecharted (Uncharted)
•Sobored (Sonic)
•Super Boring Brothers (SMB)
•The Legend of Boredom (LoZ)
•Modern Borefare (MW)
•Devil Bored Cry (DMC)
•Bored Fighter (SF)
•Bored Gear Solid (MGS)
MattyG  +   1267d ago
Don't forget Super Bored Fighter and Super Bored Fighter Ulitmate-Mega Edition. They may seem similar, but they couldn't be more exactly alike.
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UnSelf  +   1267d ago
and dont forget Marvel vs Boredom 3
Ares90  +   1267d ago
Call of Bore: Black Bores & Modern Boredom
Grand Theft Bore
Resident Boring
Age of Boredom
Mass Boredom
Boring Big Planet
Boring Dogs
The Boring Dead
Boreman: Boring Assylum & Boring City
Boring Kombat
Boring Strike
Red Dead Boredom
smashcrashbash  +   1267d ago
GOW was good because it was raw. They didn't hold back. They told the story just like they would a Greek or Roman legend. Second of all I really don't see what is this 'God of War is a glorified button masher' I have tried to mash buttons in GOW only and died a ton. People act as if you just stand in front of the enemy and they stand there with their arms out stretched while you hit them.Also like the guy said above me it is really dumb about not being able to knock down doors and blah blah blah. You can ask the same thing about many game characters who fight giant demons and dragon but have to search for keys to open doors. Why doesn't Bayonetta just let her giant hair dragon smash though a wall at take a short cut behind blockades?

And I am sorry but I fail to see the complexity of any of the puzzles in any adventure or action game. It is always push this switch that turn this. That was basically the puzzles in Zelda. Push this block, turn that handle, open this door. Link had that master swords and magical spells but somehow always had to find keys to open doors. Why not slash the door open like he does armored knights and giant monsters. Really if GOW isn't your cup of tea that is fine. But if you want to look down on it find better reasons then this.Don't pick on GOW for doing exactly what everyone else does. There isn't any complexity about Link's moves except slash, slash, block or roll, throw something, slash, slash and yet no one ever complains about that.
GenericNameHere  +   1267d ago
Legend of Zelda has been out for over 25 years. Wait 10 years from now. Everyone will remember and praise God of War.
sandman224  +   1267d ago
It has great controls and truly next gen graphics. So I'll be more than happy to give the devs my money.
StreetsofRage  +   1267d ago
Its the best of its genre. The levels, bosses, music, is as epic as they come.
Xperia_ion  +   1267d ago
Did you just praise a PS3 game ? :0
StreetsofRage  +   1267d ago
What are you talking about? Oh let me guess, just because I prefer my 360 I'm instantly a 360 fanboy. You kids are so predictable who can't take any kind of criticism without crying foul.

I own a ps3 and love me some God of War.
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Xperia_ion  +   1267d ago
It was a joke, chill out. PS3 fans get criticized daily and more then other gamers, which is fine. People on this site think their words actually affect people. Have you heard the term an opinion is like a asshole ?

Off your comment history do you fault me ? I was joking!!! there is plenty of things i can criticize, but i choose not to be a dick.

Here is an other one, if you ain't got nothing good to say sthu :D
Milni06  +   1267d ago
Some interesting comments, and I do suppose that the same formula can be written on many games. Gears of Bore might just be done in the future. I feel it is important for me just to say that this wasn't a hate article on the game, or the people that love it. It was an alternative viewpoint of a game which not everyone quite understands why it is so popular.

Which does not mean it shouldn't be. Everyone has their own taste, and that is what makes gaming so great in the first place.

That said, I have always wondered why, if God of War is so popular, why don't the developers add a bit more to it. Make the puzzles a little more challenging, make the combat a bit more strategic, make the story and characters a bit more interesting. Wouldn't it be great to get the Ultimate game?
dragon_rocks  +   1267d ago
The author should have the common sense to understand that not everyone will like the same thing when it comes to gaming or anything in general. I don't like the COD series at all but know that are millions who love it and can understand that they see something in that which I don't.
Milni06  +   1267d ago
You will see just above your comment that I have said everyone has their own taste and that is what makes gaming so great ;-)

I do have the sense to know this, and appreciate the fact that everyone likes different things. Again, I just wanted to present an alternative viewpoint to a game that most love ;-)
Kran  +   1267d ago
I wouldn't say they were boring.

Maybe a bit repetitive?

I mean GoW1 and GoW2's gameplay feels EXACTLY the same to me, with the difference being boss battles and story.
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theunleashed64  +   1267d ago
really? because he can't kick down a door ingame. that's one of the reasons why he dislikes the series? that's very poor reason.
Adolph Fitler  +   1267d ago
You have to be into great games, with awesome gameplay, incredible visuals & sound & excellent stories, God Of War is like the new age eqivelant of Double Dragon mixed with Mario & sprinkled with a little Rygar.

The set pieces & Greek Mythology based enviroments & creatures are the 1st striking thing about these games to me, then the other stuff layered on top just make it a truly epic game series.
If your bored by these games, then give gaming away, as they promote everything thats good about videogames & that includes the violence & gore, as they are a staple of todays modern games, & the violence in GOW is very OTT & unrealistic, a good example of that is that even if a Mintaur was real, you would NEVER be able to rip his head off as his neck would be as thick as a electrical pole.

Fair enough if this game & style is just not to your tastes, but certainly don't call it boring, as it IS the best in it's genre (& yes that includes old school Ninja Gaidens).
I mean, you may as well call Gears boring, along with Halo, COD, Unchartered, & every other AAA+ blockbuster game, & just sit at home & play Majong on your pc.
jagstatboy  +   1267d ago
I've never played any GOW game and have no desire to. I played the GOW3 demo a little and found it to be a frenetic button masher. Agree with the author.

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