New Home images

Sony has put online the official homepage of Playstation Home on their Japanese site, and Gamersyde of course extracted all the images they could find there.

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Iron Man 23822d ago

Home=Consoles Myspace,nuff said!


Figboy3822d ago

shouldn't you be farting on people in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

you know that just released in Japan this week, right? you're late! get to Japan asap!

oh yeah, and i agree; Home is looking rather fantastic.

Lifendz3822d ago

Between LBP and Home, I can't wait to see what devs bring to the table. Can you imagine a Rockstar designed environment where they unveil a new GTA trailer live on Home? Like the room would be packed with everyone's avatar and then the trailer would come on. Can't wait.

P.S..the PSN id is Lifendz and I invite you all over for a pool side BBQ featuring cool sounds and cool vids once Home comes online.

Darkiewonder3822d ago

They made a big change to the character customization and outside living environment. looks MUCH better but the arcade building is blegh still. Needs more games and other developers need to jump in there too to make something!

mighty_douche3822d ago

One of the great things about HOME, you dont think theres enough arcade games to play, well YOU can make more.

jwatt3822d ago

Well they have bowling, pool, chess, golf and basketball shootouts. Go to Ign to see some pics.

Darkiewonder3822d ago

don't need pictures. i AM in Home Beta ;)

jwatt3822d ago

So have you tried out the basketball shootouts or were they not available?

Darkiewonder3822d ago

That was in the "Lounge" of the video but it's not available at all for us.

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Shadow Flare3822d ago

im really, really looking forward to this. I really love this generation of consoles because of all the non-game, or completely original titles coming. Things like Home, LittleBigPlanet and Afrika are among my most anticipated. And Home isn't too far away now. I can't wait

decapitator3822d ago

Me Want. The game seems to have gone through major changes. Example, the lobby is much more different now and the buildings look a but more realistic as well. Hope we get to see more of this at GDC.

rawg3822d ago

Glad the Beta testers are providing good feedback.

poeo3822d ago

i'm glad someone mentions Afrika. that game doesn't get enough attention! might have something to do with the fact that they haven't shown us much yet, heh. seriously, that game has so much potential, imagine how many types of species and stuff can fit on a blu-ray disc. and all the different areas, huge safari lands and perhaps some rainforest etc. i hope they make it absolutely massive.

MaximusPrime3822d ago

thanks for the images! Home is going to be awesome!

R0l33822d ago

That's starting to shape up pretty well now.