Gamer SherryJenix posts racially insensitive Instagram picture.

Online gaming has been rife with misogyny, sexism and racism. It looks like a photo posted from gamer Sherry "SherryJenix" Nhan's Instagram account might cause some controversy.

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dktxx22100d ago

Unless you're going to write an article every time someone uses the N-word (including black people) I don't see any reason to single her out just because she's female.

DyannCallahan2100d ago

I am a girl- I write about games,not being a girl.

kahjah2100d ago

I did state in the article that all forms of bigotry, discrimination and pushing forward of stereotypes should be shut down. She isn't being singled out for being female, I was saying that with the things that many female gamers go through you would think there would be more empathy on her part.