New Lost Odyssey Tv Spot

Microsoft released a new extended Lost Odyssey tv spot. Enjoy.

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iMad3762d ago

This is FF from Microsoft! Sachaguchi is GOD!

ukilnme3762d ago

I will definitely try this out. Not sure if it will match FF though.

wageslave3762d ago


JRPGs are stories, wrapped into a game. Its not really a matter of competing with FF. After all, FF *is* Sakaguchi-san's own work.

This is beyond FF from the person who created FF.

The games in the FF series are loosely related anyway, the way I see it is SE is just "milking" the name to a degree. Its just a good brand-name. The games however have had their ups and downs.

Im happy to see Sakaguchi-san branch out and have an opportunity to create again.

dale13762d ago

it was a flop in japan big time ff its not

wageslave3762d ago

With an install base of 600,000 Xbox 360's in Japan, and Lost Odyssey has sold about 100,000 units.

That's "one in six" users bought Lost Odyssey.

Hardly a "flop".

Sure, the numbers are fractions of Xbox 360's worldwide scale, but that doesnt mean failure.

crazydriver3762d ago

one of the better trailers i have seen recently.
to buy or not to buy... *sigh*

crazydriver3762d ago

btw , anyone know the name of the song in the trailer?

ThaGeNeCySt3762d ago

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit.

ThaGeNeCySt3762d ago

I'm sorry but... this commercial is reminding me of when I first seen the Gears of War commercial and it had that "Mad World" music by Gary Jules... Hype + 1.. great commercial if I do say so myself... I guess I will be purchasing this one afterall.

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