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sandman2241499d ago

Those graphics look way better on this version, and yes it's the ps3 version. I bet it looks better than the 360 version. I'm guessing it will also be 2 disc on the 360 version. Go blu ray

Parappa1499d ago

I'm betting it will suck on all platforms and won't be even the least bit scary because of them changing what should be a horror game to a generic shooter.

Treian1499d ago

EXACTLY. Just another generic third person shooter.

j-blaze1499d ago

like most of third party games and all Capcom games 360 will be the best version...keep hitting your head on the wall and convince yourself otherwise

humbleopinion1499d ago

Naah, the game still runs on Capcom MT Framework, and like all games using this engine they look best on a capable PC, followed by the X360 with the PS3 slightly trailing behind.
Based on history, I wouldn't develop different expectations from this release.

TeaDouble_E1499d ago

I hope nobody buys this game after Scamcom hides its dlc on the disc.

ninjahunter1499d ago

T_T Leon is soooo westernized.