Console XP: Sleeping Dogs Review

Jonathon Wilson wrote: "Sleeping dogs is a new brutal action packed open world game that takes place in a vibrant and sprawling Hong Kong. You take on the role of an undercover cop, Wei Shen as he tries to infiltrate the illustrious triads. Wei has returned to his native homeland, Hong Kong, 15 year’s after he and his family moved to America in an attempt to escape Hong Kong’s seedy underworld. While in America Wei became a San Francisco police officer but now he’s being tasked with returning to Hong Kong to utilize whatever connection he has left with his childhood friends to work his way into the Triads ranks."

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Major_Nailson1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

8.5 is a little too generous dont you think? This game is mediocre at best. I literally played 4 hours and sold my copy.

I just didn't understand the storyline, it was more confusing than MGS4. I don't understand the love for this game to be honest.

WeskerChildReborned1943d ago

Are you serious? You seriously couldn't understand a story of an undercover cop working with a gang and building a bond with them?

jonathon-921943d ago

8.5 isn't to generous at all the game has an interesting story good gameplay and a well crafted open world. You've only played 4 hours so I guess it isn't really your thing and thats just how you feel but the majority of the people have enjoyed the game, claiming it to be the sleeper hit of 2012.

In terms of story it's quite rare to find this style of cop drama narrative work in an open world environment but UFG managed to make it work. You might not understand the game has but obviously a lot of people can and every one has a different opinion of what makes a good game.

1943d ago