'EverQuest II' Senior Producer Interview

In an exclusive interview, newly appointed 'EverQuest II' Senior Producer Bruce Ferguson, tells us a little about his experience of the game and it's future.

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Rooted_Dust3675d ago

What is there to say about EQ II?...Nothing! They tried to compete with WoW and got decimated. The games future? It has none.

Iamback3675d ago

Lets be honest there is place for only one MMO and it is WOW. Just look at all MMos from 2007 they ALL FLOPPED!

INehalemEXI3675d ago

EQ was big before WoW ever came along.

EQII was a dissapointment to most of the EQ fans though so it did not do as well as the first.

Leord3675d ago

I think the reason many of them flopped is the fact that they just have not understood what WoW does so well. In the end, yes, they have flopped compared to WoW, but if you compare it to the dawn of MMO's, many of them can stand on their own (even if barely).

WoW might be the biggest thing out there, but it also makes the whole market bigger, and while WoW still sells 3/10 top-10 during whole last year (just the game boxes), people also quite WoW and try other games.

Sometime in 2-3 years when the market starts to saturate with MMOs, the plane will be more level. Also about that time when other MMOs starts to grasp the genous of WoW and pull their act together.