1up Reviews : Devil May Cry 4 : Slash your way to hell and back again

Last generation, Capcom's Devil May Cry helped to redefine modern action-adventure gaming with its lush 3D environments, stylish slash-n-shoot combat, and lovably cocksure antihero, Dante. With its roots firmly planted in the old-school finesse-driven gameplay tradition for which Capcom is known (Strider, Bionic Commando) and glossy, Resident Evil-inspired presentation, DMC created a rock-solid template that inspired countless imitators. Unfortunately, that stunning debut begat two mishandled sequels -- DMC2 felt like a lifeless, repetitive retread (albeit one with designer-jeans product placement) while DMC3's absurd difficulty curve made it impenetrably tough for most gamers. An apologetic "Special Edition" of DMC3 corrected its problems, but the series' history of missteps left fans wondering whether this fourth installment would arrive fully formed. The good news? In many crucial ways, Devil May Cry 4 feels like the return to form that fans so desperately desire. But at the same time, an obnoxious design choice keeps it from being an unqualified success.

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Le-mo3854d ago

The only thing I don't like about this game is the graphics. The character models look too plastic.

littletad3854d ago

Too plastic? Now there's something new. Care to explain?

gunnerforlife3854d ago

he means the character models dont look real enough and u can see a bit of plastic like in there faces lol, yeah ive noticed as well when dante jumps from the window and kills that old man the light makes him look proper plastic. dont really care though lol.

BLACKJACK VII3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Hmmm... one of the only things I DO like is the graphics (& the big bosses).... the gameplay is too last gen, but I loved the first one so much, Ive gotta play this one for the story if nothing else.

I think it's weak in the old ideas, gameplay, & camera angles myself...

I would have liked a fresh approach with a better camera, perhaps free roaming & tighter, & customizable controls... and no Nero...

mesh13854d ago

I hate everything about this game ninja gaiden 2 will be the only hack and slash i buy this year

big03854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

With the back lashing they got for part 2 I didn't think they would try to change the formula you could say they made a safe dmc which isn't a bad thing another good addition to the franchise IMO.

gunnerforlife3854d ago

the only game that could probs match this game is god of war 3 no other hack and slash type of game will come close to this:)

Azures3854d ago

I don't understand why it's still harped on that DMC3 was hard. They obviously wanted to make it hard, if you can't hang than too bad.

THE_JUDGE3854d ago

it was. If you bought the original version of the game there are ridiculously long check point and buying extra health took an obnoxiously long time. You had to almost play the whole game twice sometimes to get enough orbs to level up. I quit playing because it became to much of a hassle and was unenjoyable. If they have addressed these things in 4 I may just pick it up.

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