Rare Working on New Xbox 720 Game

While at this years Gamescom, a source close to Rare told TheGamersHub that the first-party Microsoft studio was hard at work on another Kinect Sports title – a Kinect Sports title slated for release Microsoft’s next console.

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ShadyDevil1710d ago

Not surprising that they would do another right as Sony is about to release Sports Champions 2.

Bigpappy1710d ago

Nothing to do with Sony pal. The second Kinect Sports has already been released, and this is a NEXT GEN Kinect game. Sports Champion 2 is this gen.

dc70701710d ago

lol what does Sony have to do with this trolling much?

Kinect Sports is a huge franchise for Kinect it's obvious their would be a Kinect Sports 3 for the next xbox.

Gildarts1710d ago

This site is trolling, all other rumors are indicating that its going to be a core game, this is the first one saying its casual kinect game.

Stansolo1709d ago

Now if it was a next gen game that was in development called Jet Force Gemini, Blastcorps, Perfect Dark 2 or Killer instinct I would be very happy.

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The_Infected1710d ago

My bedroom is to small for Kinect or even Kinect 2 so I don't really care.

hellvaguy1710d ago

There are alot of gamers that dont live in a bedroom of thier parents house. Just sayin...

The_Infected1710d ago

I got my own apt I just like to game in my bedroom. Not everyone has a mansion or games just in the living room.

dc70701710d ago

So why did you comment on a Kinect article that's weird. Seems you do care.......

ConstipatedGorilla1709d ago

He secretly cares. To make himself feel better, he talks about how he doesn't care. I do that about ladies I like, but can't get.

ALLWRONG1710d ago

There is an add on that shortens the distance of Kicect to 4 feet. Also MS has already said their goal for Kinect is to work in every room, I'm sure Kinect 2 will do that.

userwords1709d ago

Yes there is human overpopulation and lot of people live in small claustrophobic spaces, not microsoft fault. Vote for natality limitation, and let people play on their bigger rooms, and living rooms.

The future is immersive and that requires space if done right. Kinect sports 3 probably will be amazing, as long as they include soccer.

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maawdawg1710d ago

If it isn't Killer Instinct 3 I don't care what Rare is working on.

DOMination-1709d ago

It isn't. Confirmed the other day.

WeskerChildReborned1710d ago

Never really was interested with Kinect.

Reverent1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Let's see... Out of probably 70 million Xbox systems that have been sold, less than 20 million Kinect units have been sold... That's a good 50ish million people that also don't give a crap about Kinect. Also, if you subract atleast half of that for the people that either regret buying a Kinect, or resold them, that leaves like 10 million.

Btw, that's just a joke, but you get the idea. Microsoft really needs to rethink their marketing strategy.

userwords1709d ago

---if you subract atleast half of that for the people that either regret buying a Kinect, or resold them, that leaves like 10 million---

did it hurt to take this invented numbers from ur ass

u should be analyst, they also get their funny numbers from their anal-it-is

Reverent1709d ago

I did claim I was joking, no? Btw, it's already fact that at least 66mil Xbox consoles have been sold along with at least 18mil Kinect... That was in January. I was estimating the time difference. But whatever, it's not like I care. Xbox is cool and everything... But it's no PlayStation.

hellvaguy1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

"Let's see... Out of probably 70 million Xbox.... Microsoft really needs to rethink their marketing strategy."

You do release MS break a guiness world record for fastest selling consumer device ever? Im not being pro-kinect, just pro-facts, which u sir did a complete face plant.

I mean you can fanboy your favorite piece of plastic (everyone does it to some extent), but at least dont embarass yourself.


ItsTrue1710d ago

So you found it logical to click comment on this article?

NYC_Gamer1710d ago

It's sad that Rare is now nothing but a Kinect studio

Reverent1710d ago

I was playing Donkey Kong 64 the other week after reminiscing on how much I missed playing the Nintendo 64... And damn, Rare has gone a LONG way from where they used to be. Which *was* nothing short of amazing. Now... well, you know.

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