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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1269d ago | opinion piece

DmC is Looking Totally Sweet

IGN - It might not have co-op, but DmC offers up a tasty treat. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

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wishingW3L  +   1269d ago
everything the fans hate the media loves it. This is a really strange trend... I can already smell it, another over-hyped score from IGN.
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user5467007  +   1269d ago
I have a strange feeling with the amount of backlash this has gotten Capcom will pay reviewers off...I mean it's not like IGN haven't done this before.

I think they will pay off big reviewing sites because they don't want reviews to impact sales.

In Capcoms eyes

"If we make the media give it a good score then it might silence the ones calling us out and will give the ones defending us a massive playng card to use in their arguments to support us"
blue_flowers  +   1269d ago
I usually do not like to buy into the idea that these sites like IGN are paid off or given journalism favors for the future. but c'mon even if this game is that good and us the fans just don't know it yet, whats with the exaggerated articles trying to force the idea its really good when they never explain in depth anymore than what we've seen in trailers.
matgrowcott  +   1269d ago
Every post I see from you is so anti-industry, and usually without anything actually backing it up. Bite the hand that feeds, much?

No company ever paid off a reviewer, Capcom are obviously confident that the gameplay will win out in the end (especially since a lot of people have become far more open to the idea of at least trying it out since seeing gameplay in action) and it's possible for somebody to disagree with your opinion on something without being immoral or bad at their job.

EDIT: I just want to add one last thing. You have every right to hate the game, but the chances are it's going to be pretty damn successful (I'm sure they'll keep marketing it and it'll be profitable for them at the very least).

But there aren't any conspiracies. Some long time fans will genuinely like the game, some fans will hate it. Your opinion is just that, an opinion, and making out like anybody who disagrees must be doing something wrong is ridiculous.
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Baka-akaB  +   1269d ago
I dunno if IGN is paid in the case , i dont believe it even , but there are actually cases of shady stuff from them and others .

IGN had no issues buffind up the scores and review of PES 08 on ps3 , a game they were sponsoring , and managed to not notice very obvious and documented technical issues (like lagging an stuttering in SD , but also on most hdtvs of the era) . After being noticed and yelled at they pulled the 9.2 ps3 review , had a new lower one and edited the 360 one .

And let's not forget the whole kane and lynch affair at Gspot a while ago .

It doesnt even mean the games usually involved are not good , but gifts , "boosting , and backdoor deals are common in the field .

Even the cesspool that is Metacritic admits they pulled off suspicious reviews for such reasons .

And a few reviewers and former editors in chief like Dan Hsu pretty much lashed out and hinted at such kickbacks and incentives

Now in this case i just see it as the usual exagerated hype from IGN .
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DragonKnight  +   1269d ago
@matgrowcott: Here's one example of bought and paid for reviews.

OT: I love articles like these, so easy to tear apart.

Chocolate comparison: It isn't like taking the tried and true recipe and adding stuff to it. It's like taking Oreo cookies and changing the black cookies to white and the cream filling to lemon while still calling it an Oreo cookie. The cookie has the same designs all over it, and the same basic "cookie, filling, cookie" forumla, but that's all that's the same.

"I think that we might have been surprised by the intensity and the duration of the feedback, but we actually were heartened by it in a way because it showed that people are still passionate about the series, so that part was fine."

So let's see if I got this right. You knew what fans loved, you were shocked by hearing what they hated, and yet you STILL thought the changes were what the fans wanted and were good changes? I think this makes it official that Capcom lives in their own world. A world where we all love on-disc or day one dlc, a world where we love getting 3 editions of one game just to have the complete experience, a world where we love being sold "true endings", and a world where we love complete paradigm shifts in established franchises. Seriously Capcom? Seriously?

"Jones goes on to posit that it wasn’t until gamescom 2011, when Capcom and Ninja Theory began to show larger chunks of gameplay and the liquid fluidity of the combat upon which the Devil May Cry franchise was conceived, that the most vociferous of angry fans began to appraise DmC for its underlying DNA, as opposed to the colour of Dante’s hair."

Right there, right f*cking there, is what completely invalidates this whole article. Even today the problems the fans have with DmC have A LOT more to do with than the colour of Dante's hair. A LOT more. The characters are all wrong, the gameplay is too slow, the framerate is too low, the backstory is insane, the engine is lame. I can keep going. But this just proves that Capcom and the apologisers still think that it's all just about how Dante looks. Happy sales incoming.

Next we move on to Vergil. Another example of just how wrong this game is. Vergil from the original series was cold, calculating, powerful and ambitious. He cared nothing for anyone but himself and his own goals. That Vergil is more likely to be the antagonist of DmC than the one we're given. This Vergil is a simpering ninny by comparison. Too concerned with brotherly love and the fate of humanity than with dominating everything and everyone. Vergil is a stark contrast in this game to his original self and can easily be made the poster child of everything that is wrong with DmC. Capcom probably figured that adding Vergil in the game would appease people, and it would have if it were actually Vergil. As it stands, this guy is more of a Nigel than a Vergil. Which isn't surprising since Ninja Theory took the whole "we're British" thing a little too seriously when making this game. It isn't a platform for your pride Ninja Theory, it's a game you want people to buy.

To all you apologisers: Buy this game, and you have no right to complain about ANYTHING Capcom do in the future. If you support them in one bad decision, they see it as support for all of them. I don't want to hear any of you complaining about any design changes in the future lest you wish to be brought back to this issue and asked what the difference between then and now is.
matgrowcott  +   1269d ago

All I can say is that in my experience (three years writing about the gaming industry, nearly ten generally), I've never known anybody be offered money for a good review score. There have been a few cases, like Kane and Lynch 2, where the owners of the site have stepped in after complaints from advertisers, but the very fact that that was such a big deal at the time shows how rarely that sort of thing happens.

Companies don't buy coverage. They might grant very specific review time, show only a certain part of the game and on optimal equipment and settings but, as you say, a bad, erroneous review never takes long to correct and be found out. It might be, in the case of PES, that the reviewer got an early demo on a dev console and was told some issues would be ironed out before the final release and based all his review on that. I don't know, but I find it very unlikely that it's as simple as "we've been paid for this review."


Maybe I'm just talking for myself here, but I've never been especially excited by the free games/stuff I've gotten because it really doesn't put food on my table. Writing a fair review does. If it had just been $800 then I'd have totally been behind you, but I get your point.

Swag and items were given out regularly when I used to actually have any contact with PR, but I find it hard to believe that any journalist would give a positive review to a terrible game in return for bits of plastic and a nice shirt. For those of us that make a living out of it, it's just not worth it.
Baka-akaB  +   1269d ago
" It might be, in the case of PES, that the reviewer got an early demo on a dev console and was told some issues would be ironed out before the final release and based all his review on that."

no no no , the issues were very apparent for the ps3 version and gamebreaking in any version ,even the official demo or in a few showfloor previews . They blatantly chose to ignore it , as they were one of the actual sponsors of the game , on top on having ads running concurrently with the review .

And when called on their crap , they sneak edited and acted as if nothing happened .

Not laying the blame on the journalist , wich most likely was pressured to just copy paste the 360 stuff , even more so if he wasnt a regular writer and staff member yet . But something was definitively shady , at least back then .

They shouldnt even have had any business reviewing games they got a financial and vested interest in , to begin with

And again , known personalities in the field , have commented upon "boostering" and incentives practices a few times , especially former game journalists .
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user5467007  +   1269d ago

I couldn't care less if the game was good or the gameplay will win out in the end

NT and Capcom have treat DMC fans like crap and they don't deserve to be supported. Notto mention that this isn't like a DMC game at all.

"Every post I see from you is so anti-industry, and usually without anything actually backing it up. Bite the hand that feeds, much?"

With the amount of crap gone on this gen

Disc locked content
Developers lying to us
Giving old fans middle finger for a bigger audience
Ruining franchises
High price DLC

Can you honestly blame me....I'm a realist here, unlike most people I learn from my mistakes, not give someone chance after chance after chance.
matgrowcott  +   1269d ago

I wasn't there mate, so I can't say for sure. A dev version of the game, however, would have been played months and months before the official demo was even complete and a long time before the game was finalized. It's perfectly believable to think that that review was done ages before the final version of the game was pressed or before it had gone gold.

While I don't deal with PR people any more, I can promise you that even days before release there are emails sent out saying "Don't criticize this in your review, by the time the embargo is up there will be a patch that fixes it and your review will be out of date." I can only imagine the amount of mistakes written off by developers as "to be fixed" if the game is played months in advance and especially if it's alongside representatives of said developer.

I'm afraid it's just a fact of the gaming industry - the only people that want to advertise on gaming sites are people interested in reaching gamers (the developers, basically). Nine times out of ten that has no effect on coverage and when it does, it's usually in the amount of coverage rather than making it purely positive (previews are almost always positive because it's usually based on material chosen as the very best a game can offer). We've seen examples of bad management from people not involved in editorial (and you might be right on the mark with this IGN story, I don't know), but all I can say is that no company ever out and out paid for a good review. It just doesn't happen.


All I can guess is that you're very young or that you didn't have money to spend on games over previous generations. I remember spending £50 new on N64 games that lasted three hours and had no additional content after finishing (could have desperately used DLC, because asides from being short they were often quite good). I remember paying full price on SNES games and Mega Drive games and being given 8 levels (which, in some cases, I could complete in under 20 minutes blind) for £30 - £40. If you don't remember those things, you were either very, very lucky in your choice of games or you've painted past generations in a very positive way.

The fact is that you've either got to move with the industry or get left behind. If you don't like DLC, if you don't like games that are updated for a modern audience, you need to get a new hobby. It's not going back to the way it was, and on many levels that's a fantastic thing.

If you want tank control Resident Evil and Devil May Cry 2-era beat-em-ups (terrible game), then they'll always be there for you. But making money means appealing to the majority and you're just not the majority any more. Again, on many levels that will be fantastic for you (more money in the industry for more games, etc), but you seem to want to focus on the fact that you don't feel the same way playing a game as you did when you were 10, when girls were prettier and summer holidays lasted forever. If that's the case, it's your problem, not the developers.
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user5467007  +   1269d ago

So because I talk about the flaws of this gen, I automaticaly havent been through any other gens and I'm really young....right ¬¬

So thats it then....just move on and get left behind. No thats not how it should work, everyone shouldn't just have to put up with all this crap, people should stand up and voice their opinions. Look at the disc locked content that went on with Capcom, people stood up for themselfs and it made Capcom think about their DLC if we took your advice people should of just remained silent and if they didn't like it then tough sh*t.

Wow...if you like being walked all over on by developers then fair enough but most people don't
matgrowcott  +   1269d ago

No, you're young or haven't fully been through other generations because you don't seem to realize that previous generations had massive, gaping flaws as well. You're either conveniently looking over problems or you weren't there. Either way, not good when you voice your opinions as if you have experience.

This generation isn't perfect by any means (the fact that digital distribution and online networks were something of an afterthought has made this latter half of the console lifespan full of growing pains), but let's not pretend that it's any worse or any better than previous generations. On average, games today are longer, have better stories, are cheaper, more widely available and accepted by more people. Of course, there are a few games in previous gens that are better, longer, more enjoyable - but there are also a ton of games that sucked then and sucked now. Funnily enough, you can say the same thing for this gen.

The rest of your post pretty much proves my point. As digital after-market material becomes the norm (and it is the norm, I promise you. "Most people" are quite open to the idea of DLC) publishers are going to start to find ways of cutting back on download times for the end user and on cutting back on the cost of uploading/storing data on a first party server. I can't defend Capcom (and I have no interest in doing so), but things aren't as black and white as you're painting them and you're certainly not speaking for anybody but yourself when you give an opinion.

Developers aren't walking all over me or anybody else - they're trying to make a profit. If you can't tell the difference, I'm not sure you'll ever fully accept the direction the industry is going in, or any industry, or life in general. The fact that big publishers are making more money now than they ever have show that, for the most part, people are happy to buy things which they see has value for them; that includes DLC, day one or otherwise. If it wasn't profitable, if it wasn't successful, it wouldn't happen. If things go wrong financially, the developer will fix it.

But the things you want fixed aren't issues in the industry, they're things that you don't like. That's a big difference.
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Baka-akaB  +   1269d ago
The crux of the matter still remains .

IGN was a sponsor of the game , and ignored game breaking issues that were apparent on all known and publicly shown version of the game .

Other mentioned and caught on it very early , and even while giving Konami the benefits of the doubt about potential fixes , didnt give them blank checks .

I'm not saying Konami per se went out of their way to buy out the reviews ... but IGN as an involved business party for that particular game , did fudge the review .

"but things aren't as black and white as you're painting them "

Following your debate with Cosgrove ...

You mention high cost for games in the past , i remember that indeed .

But do you also remember when most of those games had the same extra and bonus features included for free instead of nickeled and dimmed to a cost sometimes way above the old prices ?

Cause i do . A game like Xenogears had a card game and a 2p vs battle mode . In our current climat , they'd be cutting it out and selling it as dlc .

"I remember paying full price on SNES games and Mega Drive games and being given 8 levels"

But let's not pretend that game from the same genres wouldnt usually still be as short AND on top of that selling additionnal features and content , that may or may not have been removed .
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banditgoon  +   1269d ago
To all those saying reviews are not bought, you are lying to yourselves. Remember the $1,000 swag bags for Halo? Remember the all expense paid trip for COD, including helicopter rides? If that is not "bought and paid for" then nothing is.
TheFinalEpisode  +   1269d ago
You probably haven't played the game, they haven't even reviewed it and you say Capcom will pay off IGN? I'm sorry but that is the stupidest comment I've seen in N4G. People are allowed to have their opinions, Ninja Theory in an excellent developer I don't see why this game being good is hard to believe.
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Sarcasm  +   1269d ago
Honestly, DMC is looking really good except the re-imagining of Dante from a complete bad-ass to that beat up 15 year old annoying teen.
-Omega  +   1269d ago
I find it funny how Capcom have posted this very article on Facebook

Yes they have...strange right, take a look for yourself on the official Capcom Facebook page.

I think people are getting good game mixed up with good DMC game. If it's not a good DMC game then as a fan of DMC it's not a good game if it can't live up to the DMC name...
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AsimLeonheart  +   1269d ago
CAPCOM will do their best to curb the negative backlash from the old fans and one way to do that is to pay the gaming media to hype DmC. I just do not understand what do the media find so interesting and fresh about this game? Is it the gimicky transforming city, the ugly westernised characters, the 30fps dumbed down gameplay or anti-corporation theme? I have read many previews which state that it is REALLY easy to pull off amazing combos and I really fear that the gamplay has been dumbed down. Previous games required hours and hours of practice and perfecting skills before one can pull impressive and effective combos. Hell even keeping the REAL Dante continuously in the air required skillful manipulation of various techniques. On the other hand, this new "Dante" flies all over the place while destroying the enemies even in the hands of a noob previewer. This game is going to suffer from the "accessibility and streamlining syndrome" that has affected so many games this generation.
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zeddy  +   1268d ago
ign arent payed off through money but there reviewers are treated to hotels and retreats. the mw3 reviewer was treated to a week off in a hotel just to review the game. now tell me you would give a bad review after that.
ThanatosDMC  +   1268d ago
It's called $$$ and swag.
TheTwelve  +   1268d ago
There's DEFINITELY going to be some $$$ involved with the score of this game. ---12
HiddenMission  +   1268d ago
Thing is its not that gamers have accepted DLC its that publishers cut the most sought after content back to be sold later as DLC knowing that gamers want the content so badly theyll pay extra for it since they cant get the content any other way.

I know you havent been gaming long because the greatest games from previous gens out number and out deliver all titles this gen in quality and quantity.

You must not be very familat with the industry because there is a term called check press and it goes both ways...if you dont know what i mean you prove my point.
Heartnet  +   1268d ago
Where is ur proof that ign has ever been paid off?

and plus all the haters are just hating on it for the sake of hating now.. they all know its looking sweet but its to late as they had a hissy fit over how he looked and now they gotta stick with there guns like 12 year olds...
yami930  +   1269d ago
Just like Lost Planet 3, hate what they are doing to it, and Resident Evil 6.
Mocat  +   1269d ago
For anyone that really likes this game>

Now you can see what a shit filled disc this is going to be.
thaking155  +   1269d ago
It's funny how IGN states that the fans backlash was over Dante's hair... Are you serious!?!?! It has very very little to do with Dante's hair.

More to do with the fact that the franchise did not need a reboot, the combat is slow and clunky in the new, you change rebellion sword into a morphing whip like weapon (Nero's Devil Bringer), aim is gone, weapons over heat. Mundus looks terrible, Virgil Haha I dont even want to start on that one because whew that's a story in it's self. Frame rate issues, simplicity of combos to where you can rank an SSS by doing the same thing over and over.

Haha What else am I missing because there is more and it has nothing to do with Dante's hair you idiots at Capcom (Alex Smith) Ninja Theory, and IGN!
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-Omega  +   1269d ago
"It's funny how IGN states that the fans backlash was over Dante's hair... Are you serious!?!?! It has very very little to do with Dante's hair."

It's the only thing these white knights defending the game can say, if Mike is right and IGN do get paid off to give it a high review score then the defenders would have a much better thing to say in their arguments

"Oh but IGN gave it a very high score"
Heartnet  +   1268d ago
Aim is Gone?? tbh im not much of a dmc player but ive played a fair few and ive never had to aim... :S the guns always auto lock onto nearest target so :S

and yes it was all to do with how he looks every comment was the same..
" Oh he such an emo faggot " basically pages of that when it was shown off... the combat is not clunky looks the same tbh just more weapon combo's and cooler looking stuff...

Fps issues?? even though the game is gonna be locked at 30fps? go back to playing CoD???
sarshelyam  +   1269d ago
I'm a fan of Devil May Cry, and I'm really excited for this.

There seems to be two parties in this debate. Those that seem to place the "LOOK" of Dante first, above gameplay...and the other whose primary focus is gameplay first, followed by the aesthetic.

It plays exactly like the Devil May Cry I've come to know and love, and yes, it looks very different...but it has the soul of the series I've come to love and that's where I stand on it.

NOTE: Opinion is based on E3 demo played.
Clogmaster  +   1269d ago
Animations look like crap.

Ever see the new Mortal Kombat game? The animations are so bad. This game has that same rag-doll puppet animation.
showtimefolks  +   1269d ago
unlike many of you i will take the wait and see approach, so what capcom changed the look or the developers made fun of some nerdy DMC fans. Who the heck cares

if the combat is as smooth and improved and as fan as old DMC games than i am all for it.

gamers want to hate on DMC and whatever your reason being y'all basically hating because of the changed look, don't deny it

and don't give me the 60FPS crap out of 4 DMC before 2 ran at 60FPS the other 2 were 30fps so we know both worked out well.

stop hating wait for a demo or wait for release, i know i am excited
princejb134  +   1269d ago
but the fans are hating it just because they changed dantes skin or character model
capcom should just make a alternative skin for the old dante so people wont complain as much
im not buying this game anyway just because capcom has shitted on us this gen so im gonna shit on them
Heartnet  +   1268d ago
Why would they do that when they have spent time and money creating a new look for him?

shouldnt give in to the whiny "fans" that put looks over the story and gameplay.
vallencer  +   1268d ago
Here is a theory, it might actually BE really good. Maybe if you can just get over the hair not being "dante" you might actually enjoy the game when it comes out. Oh and if you decide to bring FPS into it then know that only 3 and 4 had 60 FPS the first and second one did not.
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zeddy  +   1268d ago
what was wrong with capcoms devil may cry? most of the games cept maybe dmc 2 were very enjoyble, really dont think it required a reboot.
BinaryMind  +   1268d ago
No matter what the article says, the only reason this made it to the top of N4G was because of the cleavage in thumbnail.
humbleopinion  +   1268d ago
People who hate unreleased games are not fans, just fanboys.
Awesome_Gamer  +   1268d ago
I swear if they gave this a higher score than Darksiders 2...
JRoyale  +   1268d ago
DMC looks promising but I think Ninja Theory is better suited for a new Onimusha game.
easternbalboa  +   1268d ago
day 1 purchase mofos
Ashriel  +   1269d ago
"It might not have co-op"

... what?
-Mezzo-  +   1269d ago
I really looking forward to this, yes i have played all the previous titles & didn't like the Direction Capcom took, but i'm going to give this a Chance before i go Ape SH!t carzy on Capcom.
xursz  +   1269d ago
I understand that people aren't happy about the character but the game does look pretty good, and yes, I've played all DMCs as well.
RmanX1000  +   1269d ago
"They think differently than the masses?! I MUST DISAGREE!" *sigh*
Flatbattery  +   1269d ago
Will we see a demo?
Zichu  +   1269d ago
I just hope the player reviews are fair. I know a lot of people don't like the direction DmC is heading, but you shouldn't give it low review scores just because it's a different direction, it should be reviewed as if it's a brand new game.

To me, the game looks good. I've only played DmC 4 all the way through, I have played a bit of the first one in the HD collection and it's a good game, so I can't call myself a full on fan compared to a lot of you, but I hope to become one after playing them all the way through.
timeon11111111111  +   1267d ago
It´s really hypocritical how people (your one of them) can say "It should be reviewed as if it´s a brand new game" or "Look at it as a new game" when it´s basically not.

DmC is noticed only because of Devil May Cry name and the character name. Without that VERY FEW would give a shit about this game.

In DmC story DINO (Dante in name only) constantly proclaims "I am Dante the demon killer", "My name is Dante".

and in recent Gamescom "Vergil...your my brother"
Vino "Your twin brother".

They think if they repeat "I´m Dante" and "I´m Vergil" many times it will make these two phony characters come off as the real deal.
"We´re brothers afterall". No shit? i thought you were sisters...

But that´s the thing, every one supporting DmC can´t be bold enough to say "I wish this game had complete new story and characters", because they know they need DMC story and characters to leech off to get people to like this shit.

That´s fucken cheap.
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pandehz  +   1269d ago
Will wait and see.

Stopped judging games before release/trying
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trickman888  +   1269d ago
"DmC is Looking Totally Sweet"
LOL no it isn't.
listenkids  +   1269d ago
Can you share with us your first hand experience with the title, please. You seem to know more than the average person.
trickman888   1269d ago | Trolling | show
youndamie  +   1269d ago
It does not look like a bad game, but it looks like a terrible DMC game.
Hicken  +   1269d ago

It's a solid game, and would be a great first entry for any other series- based on what I've seen.

But Devil May Cry? Not so much.

And you know what? I wouldn't mind it if they DID make it a complete spinoff. Have just a few things in common with the main series- which is all it has now- but have none of the characters in it be named the same, unless they're ACTUALLY THE SAME.

If this were just some DMC sidestory where the normal cast made guest appearances somewhere, I don't think anybody out there would have a thing to complain about.

But they decided to make it THE DMC- or DmC, anyway- and that just... don't work.
humbleopinion  +   1268d ago
So you're basically one of those "fans" who want each iteration of their game to look and play exactly the same like the last one?

And then people go and complain about COD. Go figure...
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   1269d ago
hey great review trickman888 i'm now not planning on getting this game because of your detailed experience of story............wait you didn't provide any....maybe just from what we've seen in previews.......oh, how about characters and bosses............nope i don't see it on your review.........hmm............ your full of sh1t
zerocrossing  +   1269d ago
They really should have just made it as a new IP, instead of pi**ing of the majority fanbase of a already well established franchise.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1269d ago
Maybe if it was Heavenly Sword II in a modern day setting where the Raven King manages to take New York or America (explaining the demons in high society). Suddenly, a derelict of it's society finds the Heavenly Sword when his gang stole it in a heist and even though the responsibility is now in his hands, he's a joker and a loafer who just uses selfishly.

As the story goes on, his character development shows that he has to come to terms because fate isn't letting him go so easy while meeting interesting characters on the way.

The new "Vergil" could have been the former gang leader of the new "Dante" who knows that that his new found charisma may take his spot as leader, which is the only accomplishment "Vergil" treasures in life so it causes them to butt heads.

Drama ensues from both human and demon side.

Gundams bunny girls suddenly flies in and destroys the whole country to make a giant hentai emporium. Naruto comes break dancing shouting "LOLWUT?"

Credits roll :P
#8.1 (Edited 1269d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
zerocrossing  +   1269d ago
See that's a much better story than the half arssed drivel we got from this game so far.

Speaking of which, just where the hell is Heavenly Sword II?
timeon11111111111  +   1267d ago
I love people like you. Because you understand why people are angry.
MaideninBlack  +   1269d ago
IGN sure knows how to bait Devil May Cry fans with their N4G titles, lol.
Summons75  +   1269d ago
Your either lying to yourself or you just want to get paid if your saying that, with way your completely wrong/
Summons75  +   1269d ago
Your either lying to yourself or you just want to get paid if your saying that, with way your completely wrong.
youndamie  +   1269d ago
I would actually be looking forward to this game if it was a spin off. They should have not used Dante's great name and Rebellion in this game. And to further slap us in the face they bring in a new Vergil without the slightest hint of his previous badassery either. I would have been just fine if this was in the same universe as the others, with the cast having new names and weapons, but alas that is not the case.
SovereignSnaKe  +   1269d ago
-How about the idea that these journalists at IGN, Destructoid, and Joystiq have actually PLAYED THE GAME!, They have been to E3 and Gamescom, and even GDC for that matter! Unbelievable all these haters! Now people actually want this game to score low, when usually it's fingers crossed it scores high... such crabby, old, stubborn mules!
LordMe  +   1269d ago
I am watching the videos and reading the comments of people who go to E3, and I have watched someone to the same attack 5 or 6 times, do half damage to the boss fight AND get a SSS style rating for being bland and spamming.

Before everyone goes screaming for proof.

^ That, is stupid, skilless, and NOT DMC.
crazysammy  +   1269d ago
Hahahah omg I had never seen that before... My main issue is the reboot idea. Why take a game that is building a universe and just start over?? After 4 there were some legitimate story holes/plots that were formed and could be answered... but nah lets just start over... /sigh
phigz18  +   1268d ago
Hmm... that does look pretty damning, but because I'm optimistic I'll at least say there's a chance that 1) it's just a dumbed down demo that allows people to test out mechanics with easy progression and/or 2) what we're seeing is just a context based attack when that boss is on the ground. Unless there's a full video proving otherwise, I don't think either of those are unreasonable possibilities.

FWIW I haven't watched much gameplay footage, so I'm honestly not super familiar with DmC despite having played all the others.
jetlian  +   1268d ago
only thing wrong with that clip is he had to have a combo going already unless they got rid of d rank all the way to B rank!

Damage is high tho but it could be on easy with full powered weapons. I just beat dmc 1,2 these past 2 days will play 3 today. On my second play on dmc1 I killed the crab thingy/mission 3 in just about 2 combos.

I think people going off memories cuz dmc 1,2 arent that great as i remembered
#13.1.3 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
timeon11111111111  +   1267d ago
Actually in a preview of DmC (a game site) the preview guy said that he didn´t find DMC to be appealing until DmC.

That gives you a idea of what kind of people are reviewing or giving a preview for this game.
CShadow  +   1269d ago
Just a simple redesign is needed for that bum Dante emo look.
creatchee  +   1269d ago
I love how "fans" incessantly whine about Call of Duty never radically departing from its tried and true formula, but when DMC tries something different, yet similar, the tears fall like rain.

Gamers can be the biggest bunch of little b#tches.
sonic989  +   1269d ago
call of duty uses the same engine over and over and over again so the games do not look different ( graphically wise )
in dmc they didnt have to change the character and the back story for him
plus being different is cool but at least it must be better am i right ?
they could change the game but keep the character the back story and the devils
i am sure if they renamed it to something else it might get some positive attention
TheDarkTyrant  +   1269d ago
It's been 4 years since the last DMC, DMC4. Unlike Call of Duty, DMC doesn't release every single year looking or playing similar to its previous title... You're comparing two very different situations here...
#15.2 (Edited 1269d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
phigz18  +   1268d ago
This was my thought exactly. The thing is, it's always just the vocally upset people we hear from. Like with ME3, of my friends who played it most said the ending was disappointing, but only one of them was so pissed that he made complaints about it on the net.
Sevir  +   1269d ago
lmao at everyone here with the opinion that IGN is lying
The truth is that everyone in the media has had ample time and hands on with the game... Where as all the crying naysayers haven't played and are still holding on to the fact that capcom and NT started from scratch, threw away everything you knew and rebooted and reimagined the series.

You see everything the cry babies are complaining about is purely cosmetic. They haven't played it. But they talk like they have. And the fact that the game is now standing on its own and really starting to show its promise the naysayers simply can't comprehend or fathom that, maybe just maybe DmC is a really good game that's true to the series as every other DMC with the exception to DMC2. The theory here is that capcom is slipping money to Publications and journalist...

For FUCK SAKES, stop with the crying already its been nearly 3 years since This DmC was revealed and the look and feel has dramatically improved! At this point you are all just notching for the sake of Bitching. You haven't played, you haven't experienced it, you are just bitching. Let go, if a game change can piss you off that much you seriously have other issues that need resolving in your life and further more its probably time you quit gaming and find another hobby.

The game is standing on its own, just like Dragon's Dogma, just like Dead Rising... It's Just accept the change and go into this Game with an open mind and no expectations.

I swear the new trend for gaming this gen is bitching, complaining and judging a product long before its out.

AC3, DmC, Dead Space3, Resident Evil 6... The list goes on! Gamers are a strange breed this gen. Lol.

Bring on Jan 15th 2013.
Clogmaster  +   1269d ago
"You see everything the cry babies are complaining about is purely cosmetic"

If your spouse looked perfectly fine the way they were, then suddenly decided to get plastic surgery and look completely different from what you were attracted to, AND their personality took a 180, how would you feel?

Also, a lot of people complain about the gameplay, controls, animations, mechanics, story, etc.
#16.1 (Edited 1269d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Sevir  +   1269d ago
Oh so Things were ok?
You all bitched about DMC4 calling it crap and that it was a dissappointment! so obviously shit wasn't well for the series by the same fans.

DMC wasn't perfect at all. it was balls to walls entertaining with its Gameplay, but its story was nothing. and everything that dante could do was never explained and It was never explored why the characers are the way they are.

Like i said! Everything you all bitched about is Purely cosmetic! You dont like how dante looks! You perceive the game looks slow but have never played it to see how fast or responsive it is and you are bitching because again redesign just isn't to your liking! case in point get the fuck over it. Play the game start to finish and hold your judgement on the experience till you've actually completed the journey! You gamers are fake ones who bitch for no reason! Its tiring quite frankly annoying.

If the game is that bad to you and upsets you soo much, stay away from everything DmC and move on to something you feel is better. Problem Solved
-Omega  +   1269d ago

Right...we get it you like the new game

Most of us don't, we arn't crybabies just big DMC fans that are not putting up with this, NTs and Capcoms crap.

Get over it...and stop moaning about the moaners. Jeez ¬¬

The people complaining who don't like the look of the game don't go onto everyone of your comments and start bashing your opinion for liking it.
#16.1.2 (Edited 1269d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(4) | Report
Clogmaster  +   1269d ago
Seriously, someone hand this person a sandwich. I've never seen anyone freak out so badly, making assumptions about knowing who we are.

You say we complain for no reason, when we give reasons for complaint. The game doesn't just look slow, the game IS slow, it's 60fps. The animations look like crap. Everything just looks off and floaty.

No DMC4 wasn't perfect, but the mechanics were fine, the animations were fine. The story is hit or miss depending on the audience.

And to stay away from something that a company has screwed up on is the same as giving up. If people like you just accept everything, then welcome to why we have crappy movies, music, and videogames today. Because of people like you. It's better to fight back to improve, not to submit and take the plate of rotten food because it's the only choice available.
GhettoBlasStarr  +   1269d ago
As far original DMC fan I'm kinda of disappointed in the direction of the new series. I feel that the only flaw in DMC4 was the recycling of bosses and backtracking.
I really was looking forward to see the Original DANTE get upgraded in graphics like Kratos got in GOW3 from GOW1 & 2. With that being said....

This new DMC is looking like it has the potential to be a good game, but it's not what we've invested all or time waiting for.

If you haven't seen this footage of the New DMC, Check it out, it's pretty sick, especially the boss battle at the end.
#17 (Edited 1269d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
VileAndVicious  +   1268d ago
I had never seen that gameplay before. Looks impressive. Sure it looks different but it still looks pretty good especially the part that looked like live news coverage. Im excited about the game personally
RurouniKaze  +   1269d ago
In the trailer , he didnt look all emo & psycho , he looked kinda almost cool.

The looks good so im buying it.

As for the article , I could count the stars and still find less stars than typos & grammatical errors in this article from IGN.
TronEOL  +   1269d ago
I think everyone should understand by now that this is an alternate universe and stop crying. Capcom already stated this doesn't mean it's the end for their (salsa dancing, rose-in-mouth, chap wearing, etc) Dante.

This game will be fantastic, and any person who likes video games will see that.
Sevir  +   1269d ago
All the crying should have stopped when Capcom and NT said this is a Reboot and Reimagining
No other explanations needed. The Logo is different, the story which we already know will be anything better than what capcom has come up with since DMC1 on up. And we'll get to understand why Dante is so bad ass!
phigz18  +   1268d ago
EXACTLY. I can't count how many comments I've seen people saying "THEY RUINED HIS BACKSTORY!!" Seriously, it's like people have to make an effort to dislike the game. Ruined his backstory? It's a completely different guy! It's like different versions of Spiderman or something.

Other than Dante's look, I don't know what people would have to complain about... Gameplay looks pretty similarly over the top, in my opinion.
3-4-5  +   1269d ago
The media isn't smart. That is why.

They say anything without thinking because it sells and gets hits.

They don't "get" /understand the things we do when it comes to gaming because we are playing them everyday , they just report on it for their job.

They don't have a passion for it, and the media is very un-creative at about anything they do or say.

" Guy reads from a card ! "
wishingW3L  +   1269d ago
and it happens all the time. The media over-hypes a tittle on previews because that gives them the hits (in this case from us the haters) and then they destroy it on the review.

I mean, this is just a preview and they are already talking about it like if it were the best DMC game ever made.
#20.1 (Edited 1269d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Sevir  +   1269d ago
No they arent! they are just saying that the game is now standing on its own and it Looks Good
The fact That THEY PLAYED it and experienced it already puts their opinions ahead of anything the internet fan and blogger has to say because We havent played it! The fact That everyone on the internet up in arms over the franchise's cosmetic change and re-imagined universe already taints their objectivity and opinion. the game LOOKs great, but everyone here simply cant let go or get passed the initial sting of the change, so they'll hold a biased opinion and disagree with the people who spent time and time and time on multiple occasions who are seeing and experiencing the progress through and through.

Whats actually happening is that You fans are soo but hurt at the cosmetic changes that any kind of praise this game gets no matter how warranted it may be or not its misconstrued and twisted into something fallible and fake because of your unwarranted angst towards the company and the developer who made the change. and this is all before you've actually played it to make an educated and reality grounded comparison and well thought impression of the finished product for yourself.

Keep it up! This is gamings new hobby! Bitch whine and complain and judge before you buy and try!

You bitch at COD for not changing you, bitch when they do. Fanboy gamers all need to relax and take a chill pill!

You'd think after nearly 3 years of bitching you'd have grown tired of it and just chose to stay away. now journalist are enjoying the game and they ones with a chip on their shoulder, who havent played it are saying the company is paying publications and journalist to hype and sell!. LMAOOO I'm done here
elda  +   1269d ago
It's good to read that not all the comments here are hating on the new DMC,this game looks like it will be so much fun & I never judge a game before trying it especially if it looks interesting,people who don't think so should move on to a forum about a game their interested in because no ones negative criticism of this game will keep me from playing it & it's good to read that other game journalist are enjoying this game.
#21 (Edited 1269d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
wishingW3L  +   1269d ago
dude, DMC is one of the few franchises that I still enjoyed and they changed everything. Do you understand?

FF was ruined, Resident Evil was turned into an action shooter game, Ninja Gaiden into a button masher with lots of QTE's, Valkyria Chronicles into a web-based flash game and so on.

You can play whatever the hell you want but you can't censor our opinion.
#21.1 (Edited 1269d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
elda  +   1269d ago
Your negative opinion is useless to people that are interested & want to play this game,nor is FF or RE ruined.
#21.1.1 (Edited 1269d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(10) | Report
J-Killer15  +   1269d ago
Lol people are still debating this. If you're a DMC fan then just wait until MGR comes out because this series doesn't cater to us anymore. It's obvious that most of the people who love this direction didn't do S/SS rank runs, make an attempt to learn the combat system, and have no connection to series whatsoever.

Capcom/NT are most likely going to make sequels to this game because most people aren't big fans of Japanese action games and this appeals to them more. All we can do is not buy it. Other than that we have no choice but to let go of this series.
thaking155  +   1269d ago
^This all the way. 100% agree with you J-Killer15.
Parappa  +   1269d ago
I'd rather buy DMC over that Rising crapfest. That's not even close to being a Metal Gear game and should've been a new IP on it's own. It's a game that got canceled and should've stayed canceled but Platinum Games decided to pick it up to ruin the franchise for fans by turning it into a mediocre hack & slash and completely ruining the good ending that MGS4 had.
thaking155  +   1269d ago
That last little bit you said... "The good ending that MGS4 had" You realize that it's not a Metal Gear Solid game correct?

I don't know what the problem with the complaints of Metal Gear Rising. It's always been an over the top action espionage type game and now your getting that with MGR but with ninja's and swords.
josephayal  +   1269d ago
O MAY GAD looks amazingg
yesmynameissumo  +   1269d ago
I think Ninja Theory is going to make/currently making a kick ass DMC.
crazysammy  +   1269d ago
Ninja Theory is good at cloning games (Heavenly Sword/God of War and Enslaved/PoP or Uncharted) so I am sure this game will be fun. I wish Capcom would have had them create a new IP or bring back an old IP from the vault for them to make. The idea of rebooting the game is what bothers me the most.
JeepGamer  +   1269d ago

That's nothing but cut scenes.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1269d ago
I'm hoping the people that are hating on this game aren't just hating just cause the characters don't actually look like the originals.
elda  +   1269d ago
Alot of them are from the heaps of comments I've read which I think is immature & ridiculous,none of these people haven't even played the game yet & they're judging how bad this game looks & how bad it's going to be which is being on the lines of being prejudice.I would think you don't judge a book by it's cover until you've read it.
#26.1 (Edited 1269d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
RyuX19  +   1268d ago
That is a straight lie. Most people hate this game not just because of looks, but because of everything else. The graphics, the framerate, the slower combat... I could go on and on about it.
Tigerfist  +   1269d ago
The article itself is based upon a classic fallacious speech... The candy analogy is way too dissimilar.

Unlike candy and other food products, videogames are not supposed to be "tasted". A videogame is related to other cognitive functions. Furthermore, one could argue that the visual aspect of a food item does actually have an important impact upon the reception of said product by the consumer.

In the case of videogames, design is heavily connected to the core of the whole experience. For instance, design has a direct impact upon the final product as it can in fact radically change the perception and the message of the playing experience. Indeed, design can directly affect the emotional impact that a videogame transmits to the player.

Short version: It's not just eyecandy, it's a core aspect of the game's experience.
phntom  +   1269d ago
Everything in this game is pretty messed up: Dante, Vergil, the devil arms (generic as shit), the gameplay - this in particular really pisses me off, I mean, in the gameplay from the article the guy just pulled off an SSS rating withouth any effort, c'mon...
Bay  +   1269d ago
I can already see it : 8's and 9's everywhere save for a few smaller sites.

Except that the public mostly hates it. It's happened before and it will happen again. Larger gaming news sites have trouble giving lower scores because it gets the publishers mad, and they need to make money off news and exclusives.

Personally, I'd be excited for it if it didn't have the Devil May Cry name. I liked Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. You put a certain pre established name on a game, you better live up to the expectations of that name, and more.
#29 (Edited 1269d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
CLOUD1983  +   1269d ago
IGNorant site is full of sh1t they even gave Tomb Raider game of the show at E3 the only site who did this.. they definitely get paid for scores & not only better ignore them they cant be trusted.
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