EA confirm UEFA Euro 2008

Electronic Arts have today announced that they will be releasing UEFA Euro 2008 in preparation for the football (soccer) tournament which begins in June in Austria and Switzerland...

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Jones Miller3768d ago

The 2007 version is even better than FIFA 08.

LOFT3163768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

To the Champions leugue game which was good but this will be the Euro 2008 you know the one were England failed to qualify for

3768d ago
LOFT3163768d ago

I hope your not replyin to me
And i think its very shallow of you to tar every single Brit who attends a England game as people who cause trouble and violence

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You bought an Xbox3768d ago

I'm the DISAGREE BANDIT and i must DISAGREE with you racist self how dare you say ENGLAND fans are trouble makers and violent if anything ENGLAND has been working harder than any country to stamp out violence and not even let the known trouble makers travel to such events so keep them kind of comments were they belong


3768d ago
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mighty_douche3768d ago

See this selling well in England lol....

LOFT3163768d ago

At least we get to participate and win on this one

3768d ago
Iamback3768d ago

In few words "How to milk more money from football fans"!

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