Top 5 Reasons you should Buy Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Since Counter Strike: Global Offensive was just released you may be asking yourself if you should drop $15 on this game. Let me help you make a decision.

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Lugia50002099d ago

For PC? Yeah I already have it. For xbox / ps3? Not really, its not the same thing.

omi25p2099d ago

I play Counter Strike source of PC all the time, Ive just started playing CSGO on 360 and it plays pretty well..

AIndoria2099d ago

Please stop being an elitist PC snob. It makes us look bad.

I said the same thing in numerous articles. It's amazing how many people can be stupid.

BraveToaster2099d ago

But they're really not the same. You can't get mods on consoles. Mods make up a huge part of the game.

AIndoria2098d ago

@BraveToaster : Yes they do, however, It doesn't really matter. Yes, I love modding games, but I do love consoles too in the fact that I can pick up and play, no hassles, no installations and no "Yourmum.exe has stopped working." :P

If there's a game which has amazing mods, we'll play it on PC. If not, consoles. *Shrug* Don't really see a fight here :P

Tomonobu Itagaki2099d ago

Top 1 reason to not buy it: Worst Community Ever.

Lugia50002099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Worst community ever? Im guessing you prefer the loud COD kids.

This guy explains how COD kids will react when playing this game.

omi25p2099d ago

Really..... your going to use Elpresador as a way of winning an article. The guy is a colossal bell*nd.

BattleAxe2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

The Socom Community on the PS2 was the best community ever seen in gaming.

I played the CS:GO beta on PC, and while I had some fun with it, the hit detection was absolutely terrible. Another thing I didn't like were the huge amounts of cheaters in the game. Go onto Youtube and watch the cheaters, its brutal.

StayStatic2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

This is not a COD article

AO1JMM2099d ago

I believe the CoD community is worse than the CS community. But the BF community is getting up there too. Have you seen the forums on Battlelog? I have never seen such a high concentration of complete douchebags before.

pandaboy2099d ago

PC games in general have this problem. Full obnoxious and conceited gamers with little else to do but to spend hours each day perfecting their skills at a video game whilst raging at noobs to make themselves feel better about their own failed lives. Then they'll at some point slip in a sly remark about how fantastic their gaming set up is when nobody else cares.

The CoD community? Mainly just immature kids. At least most of them will grow up unlike the PC gamers.

Tomonobu Itagaki2099d ago

Well, I wont tell about the whole PC gaming community, but you pretty much summed up the Counter Strike one.

Baka-akaB2099d ago

The worst part is when you realize many of the guys that brags the most about their rigs are mostly playing games that demands nothing , like CS , WoW , starcraft , Minecraft .

Sure it's nice to at least have the power and choice of playing any juggernaut and heavy game , but if it's only for bragging right screw you .

Before some get upset i'm only describing some fellow pc gamers , and their "elite" attitude , especially toward consoles .

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opticscythe2099d ago

i like how there is no real reasons in the list that explain why its a good game and we should buy it.

also, IMO CS DOES have one of the WORST communities in gaming, wayy worse than cod kiddies but not quite as bad as LoL/DoTA/HoN

d0nni32099d ago

Top 5 reasons you should go kill yourself!

Seriously i wouldn't be suprised if a topic like that got onto the front page in the next week....

OT: There's only one reason to buy Counter Strike:Global Offensive and that's the fact it's a new fucking Counter Strike game

TronEOL2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

I don't need to read the reasons because I already own it on PC/PS3.
Seriously, it's Counter-Strike, what more do you need to know?

DeathProof2099d ago

Yeah I'm above reading as reading your comment...and sometimes I read Play Boy.

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