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New Battlefield 3 Patch Incoming

DualShock Nexus: Battlefield 3's Armored Kill Expansion Pack is almost here, and so is a new patch. Confirmation has been made on the exact release date for PlayStation 3 players, but will this patch include fixes from the list of tentative changes written a while back? Let's hope for some early patch notes. (Battlefield 3, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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TheFreak  +   950d ago
They are as always only releasing patches when new DLC's are dropping, and are often making the game worse. Fix the game already you money hungry whores you have almost had a year now...
BattleTorn  +   950d ago
Oh please. Each patch has been an improvement. (along with it's own set on nw problems)

Let me guess. Rent-a-server broke the game in your opinion, right?
TheFreak  +   950d ago
Huh have you played the game? I have put in 400-500 hours in the mp. There are bugs that have been in the game from the start for example: sound disappearing, guns reload without animation, game freezes, op metro roof glitch etc.

Frag rounds was facked for months, it got fixed only they broke the dart in the process so that was facked for months. The dart got fixed only they broke aug a3 smoke.

These game breaking glitches took them months to fix, and do you know when they released the patches that fixed/broke the game, yep you guessed it around DLC time.
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10V3N0M01  +   950d ago
Is it me or am I the only one that comes across the glitches on the rarest of occasions. My sound has never disappeared, handful of crashes(seriously, probably could count on one hand) that wasn't related to the Server crashing or being taken offline. Even this major dart bug wasn't as bad as people said, you get killed in under a second with a M16 with heavy barrel and a good shot. The only one that has gotten to me is when you are revived your menu is still up, actually pretty funny though, a challenge to see how long you last ;). DICE are still getting to grips with the engine and together with some stupid mistakes there will be bugs. Come on people, just get down and play the game.
Just by the way I have played for about 600h so don't say I haven't played enough. :)
seanpitt23  +   950d ago
The audio loss pisses me of so much i mean how hard is that to fix and that glitch on operation metro is so annoying i messaged a person why do you cheat and use that glitch and he said its not cheating its glitching well i rest my case lol.
ian72  +   950d ago
I have had sound going off problems a lot, seems to happen when respawning. And I can't remember how many times multiplayer has froze and I've had to re-boot, as its been too many.
I have played around 150 hours and use PS3.
BosMa  +   950d ago
to "TheFreak"

Wow over 500 hours of gameplay, well one has to assume something is working out well 4 you , i mean i cant play a broken or "bugged" out game for longer than 5 hours unless the games "bright side" can forgive such bugs i.e fallout 3.
You cant have your cake and eat it too, seriously over 500 hours? Well some mmorpgs dont get to see as much investment now-a-days, so i would say you got your monies worth. Also Dice has done a good job listening to thier community, sure i agree bugs are still present but compare to when the game was released, then compare to 1st patch and so on, its hard not to notice that many problematic issues of the game are gone and sure some are still there.

Im always here with my arms wide open for patches, to me this just tells me that something is getting tweaked/fixed and whether dumbing down certain guns etc are a good or bad thing is a matter of opinion, if one tends to spam rape w/ usuck and explosive/frag rounds then yes that person would have a dif feeling to those who get raped by them. I think it was wise to nerf the frag round as they did, took them a while to do so because when it comes to touching a weapons stats, gamers will always be unhappy and from reading the forums within these "months" leading to the patch it was greatly debated "dont touch , please touch" It wasnt because Dice was lazy , they know "making tom happy would make bill angry" It is an area devs tend to not visit , weapon stats.. But they have and on more than one occaision and i applaud dice for this.. Some devs leave the guns broken, even if the majority wants change and community is nothing more than noise to them.

"Money hungry whores" i can agree with, but broken gameplay? well i beg to challenge that, if so broken then why the hell do people dump hundreds of hours into battlefield 3 and why not invest that time in a "less broken" game unless battlefield 3 is the only game one owns and regardless of what the circumstance is one must question the love hate relationship, love to rip game apart but hate being away from the game.

So gameplay can be absolutely spot on w/ a game that is graphically sub par and has issues elsewhere? absolutely.. Im not saying this is the case w/ battlefield 3, it goes for video games in general. I have problems w/ battlefield 3 "money hungry whores" is good way to sum up one of them and what didnt come packaged in this game is another. (SQUAD)
But TheFreak its confusing to hear you talk about how bad the glitches are/were "gamebreaking" bad but you have well over 500 hours in and i bet you could tell me every weapon stat and best map pints to snipe and best way to approach a map in conquest.
Im not trying to be a jerk nor am i dismissing you or your thoughts, im just trying to get a better understanding.
I just cant fathom how one with so many hours in would not see many bugs and major concerns by the community fixed or "better" over time. Sounds like you have been there every step of the way so are you overlooking the many bugs they did patch or do not agree that they have patched any at all? If the glitches were "game breaking" how did you survive getting through months of such?
"Game breaking" may be a bit excessive.

Sure dlc time, i agree the timeframe is always questionable when patches only come at dlc time but his is not the case, Dice is actually not bad when it comes to listening to feedback and applying fixes, EA on the other hand is the master puppeteer, please also keep that in mind.
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BosMa  +   950d ago
I agree, improvements have come w/ patches and the nerfing etc is just a matter of gamer opinion..

Rent-a-server didnt break the game, it did make it harder to find offical dice servers although one can search them it seems there are a bunch less..
Winter47th  +   950d ago
Why won't they release a PROPER anti-air patch for infantry?

You cannot down a chopper/jet unless the pilot was retarded, you try to lock on with the Stinger and the pilot can simply ECM/Flare/get below radar/fly way high for you to lock. That's BS.
ShadowKingx  +   949d ago
I think The Freak is just a COD Fanboy.Because he can’t be a hero every map.
shackdaddy  +   949d ago
^ They do have to fix the stinger badly. It pisses me off how it's so useless...
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SolidStoner  +   949d ago
only problem I have on BF3 ps3 online, is no sound or some sounds glitch.. everything else is very good, and scale of online is still top notch, I forgive for some bugs time to time. Still hope they make the game even better.. but this far I like it very much!

EDIT: I also hope that Battlefield will improve in game balancing, what I mean is they should create hardcore mode better or another mode with simply no balancing, all weapons as real as possible. I know, to kill and to die will be much easier, and some weapons would be much stronger than other, but I dont want to shoot with stinger so many times, or shoot with pistol more bulets (in real world you should not care to die from 9mm or 50. cal sniper, it would kill you or at least disable you for sure) game over :)
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Trenta27  +   950d ago
That's what EA does. They did that to Sims 3. Right now it's pretty much unplayable. A update will come out right before the next expansion, though. All it will do is make things worse...
Flavor  +   950d ago
Call of Battlefield 3 modern warfare
NickTheHitman  +   950d ago | Well said
That was the worst diss I have ever seen. Please dont try again.
MattyG  +   950d ago
Wow that was... completely off topic and unoriginal. Try harder next time.
h311rais3r  +   950d ago
Guess u haven't actually played battlefield 3.
BattleTorn  +   950d ago
SolidStoner  +   949d ago
rataranian  +   949d ago
sovietsoldier  +   950d ago
patch summary: more nerfs more buffs more bugs.
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CaptCalvin  +   950d ago
Also come bloated with all the DLC content that you wont get access to unless you pay.
SJPFTW  +   950d ago
So as was stated months ago seems like M16 will be getting a nerf while the m416 is getting a huge buff. Recoil lowers, accuracy increase and faster reloed... this means m416 will be hands down the best gun in the game.
TheFreak  +   950d ago
No Way  +   950d ago
@TheFreak -
I have almost always used the AEK.. I took a break from BF3..
Then when I came back a few months later, it seemed everyone uses it.
KwietStorm  +   949d ago
The AEK is surely not the best gun in the game.
No Way  +   947d ago
KwietStorm -
It's definitely not, but in the Assault.. it's my favorite, so far.
Plagasx  +   950d ago
So does this mean the pack drops on the 4th??
WillGuitarGuy  +   950d ago
I'm still waiting for the August content drop.
Jumper09  +   950d ago
for ps3 on the 4th and on the 11th on xbox and pc
RedDeadLB  +   950d ago
BC2 still is and will be the better game. And yes I own both.
glennco  +   950d ago
and BC1 is better still. so what, we're talking BF3 here?
RedDeadLB  +   950d ago
I just wanted to point out that their efforts with DLC and numerous patches so far haven't made the game as fun as a rather simple but engrossing previous game, aka BC2. So my comment is kind of connected to BF3 in a way.
ian72  +   950d ago
I know a little off topic but are Bad Company 1 servers still working and if so does anyone still play it online?
I tried about a week ago to get a game but couldn't find a game. This is on PS3.
SolidStoner  +   949d ago
bf bad company servers seems to be down for a long time now.. for me original Battlefield 3 is the best game this far.. (EDIT:best shooting game)

and I strongly disagree with everything you just say'd above :D
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Asuka  +   950d ago
i just dont like the 1000+mb patches. some of us got really bad internet =p
CrazyRap  +   950d ago
Same here
10V3N0M01  +   950d ago
Absolutely man, same here. Was a killer when that first ~3.5gb patch came. I had a 1Mb line(which is like a killer line here in South Africa). Biting the bullet now though and have a 4Mb line, decided to eat lots of 2min noodles.
Rumplebumpkin  +   950d ago
Fix the sound cut outs please!
I went into a server yesterday where the sound was cutting out every few minutes, it was ridiculous.
ian72  +   950d ago
Does it cut out on respawn with you, as thats when it happens to me. On PS3. It does happen a lot, nearly every game.
Rumplebumpkin  +   950d ago
Yeah, on respawn and at random times. Every now and again when I respawn, my gun disappears for a short time as well.

It really needs to be fixed because i'm starting to get quite a few avoidable deaths because of it. I can't hear when i'm being locked on in a vehicle etc.
ian72  +   950d ago
Cheers for reply. :-)
Forgot about the gun missing bug. It has happened to me also. Not as much as the others but still too much.
The sound bugs do need fixing as sound plays a big part, especially when using headphones.
MrAnderson  +   950d ago
games been out forever and it's still broken to hell, and they path things that don't need patching, like them totally nerfing air support and making things lock onto and fire at them way faster.

never buying another dice game again after the abomination that is battlefield 3, game could have been great, if it werent for all the un-necessary nerfs/buffs, ignoring of actual problems, and blatant money hungry whoring with all this premium/dlc and unlocking upgrades for money.

they've become worse than activision...
WillGuitarGuy  +   950d ago
Blame EA, not DICE for being money hungry.
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yoyo12121  +   950d ago
I'm sick if idiots like you who blame everything on EA!
DICE and EA are a team so they both take the blame !
That's EA job to market that's why they published the game !
glennco  +   950d ago
DICE follow EA orders, plain and simple.
yoyo12121  +   949d ago
How do you know?
Do you work for them? NO!
My dad works for DICE and that's not how it works
Burnin  +   949d ago
The only thing I dislike about EA/Dice regarding BF3 is the whole Premium Strategy... Why am I being neglected as a non-Premium player only because I didn't purchase their Close Quaters DLC? Now these kids are getting tons of 2XP events almost twice a month while the rest of us need to level up normally...

And don't even get me started on the Kit Shortcuts... Level 1 kids running around & killing me with weapons it took me precious Hours to get

Now for the rest of it, it's an awesome game & I haven't experienced nearly half of the bugs people keep whining about
spektical  +   950d ago
I wonder if EA/DICE will ever invest in a solid Q/A team for Battlefield. If this was a car dealership relationship with the customers, it would not fly. I know its a far off comparison, but there has to be someone monitoring, and enforcing some level of quality.
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ddurand1  +   950d ago
in their defense, the only issue ive had with teh game are the audio problems. All other qualms/nitpickings I had with teh game after launch have been fixed.

The game sold many copies, there are still many satisfied customers out there.
glennco  +   950d ago
rarely any probs after 9 days of playing. none that i can even remember
KontryBoy706  +   950d ago
I just want them to patch map exploits. People stay getting on roofs and that freaking crane. Also putting half of their body in a corner and in a wall.
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AIndoria  +   950d ago
Great. Another 2 gig download.
dkgshiz  +   950d ago
That sound glitch has been around since the BF3 beta and yet its still not fixed. No wonder EA/Dice has such an awful rep.
fossilfern  +   949d ago
Hope they patch the FAMAS to give it a little less recoil and bring it back up to 30 bullet mag! That is all I want
frankboy2012  +   949d ago
Hope they make the stinger a shit more usefull especially for armoured kill coming out its about as much use as a pair of sunglasses on a man with one ear :)
MizTv  +   949d ago
loved this game when it came out, the only thing that sucked was the frag rounds. and since that patch for some reason i just cant play anymore? it dont feel right to me

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