EBGames - The Art of Successful PR and Marketing

DarkArmada of XboxOZ360 Weblog writes about the recent rumours of a major spat between EB Games and Microsoft in Australia and argues that it may have been a PR stunt by EB Games:

"We've all heard about the recent "leak" of an employee close to the relationship between EB Games and Microsoft. Basically there was a claim that, to cut a long story short, Microsoft had essentially given EB Games the cold shoulder in regards to $10 million worth of "faulty consoles" that were pending to be returned / repaired by Microsoft.

The next day, EB responded and announced that all was well between the two giants in gaming. Even announcing the outrageous claims as "99% bullshit" by Steve Wilson, Chief Executive at EB. On the face of it, cased closed, no?

So, just to give a recap, in two days there has been almost damning (and strangely convincing) evidence of a rift between Microsoft and EB. Then on the following day, the announcement is that all is well, nothing to see here. But only hours later, a story is aired on Today Tonight with positive reinforcement that EB Games will replace your console, neigh, take extra special care of you. This is all accompanied by increased sales of the Elite (which was strangely in stock while the Pro and Arcades weren't).

Am I calling foul? Well, of course not. This is just an excellent example of EB Games flexing their PR muscle in what is nothing but an elaborate publicity stunt aimed at making a few extra dollars from their loyal customers' fear."

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gaminoz3818d ago

EB Games and EA sure come under fire for being evil a lot....If this was a PR stunt it won't make Microsoft very happy....pointing out yet again the 360's faults.