Opinion: Is the homebrew approach enough for Gizmondo Mk2 success?

Following the shock news that the much derided Gizmondo handheld has been bought back from the liquidator for a second attempt at the market, UK trade publication MCV has caught up with new owners, UK tech company Plextek.

Showing something of the lack of industry experience which got the original company in trouble in the first place, asked about competing with DS and PSP its technical director Ian Murphy is quoted as saying:

"It's fair to say that much of DS's content is not exactly spectacular but it's still a very successful machine because it has a point of difference. There's no reason we can't compete. An open platform will offer something that other handhelds can't."

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eyeballpauluk3766d ago

i cant see this taking off...not with the success of DS and PSP, and the homebrew on PSP..not to mention it sounds eerily similar to the GPSX2 (or whatever it called!)

Ben10543766d ago

for this to come out again it was great, it would have been better if they released smart ads but they went bankrupt before they could
It may be hard to believe but i ws just playing my Giz 10mins before i wrote this post lol