Videogamer: Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Review

Tom Orry of Videogamer writes: Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is Microsoft's first Xbox 360 release of the year, following an incredible line-up of titles during the last quarter of 2007. Sadly the roll hasn't continued, with Circle of Doom being one of the more uninspiring titles to be published by the platform holder. It's essentially a slower, more generic God of War, and it fails at being anything other than mediocre.

Landing in that category of games that you'd label as "OK" if asked by a mate how to describe it, it's hard to get excited over what's on offer. The storyline certainly isn't worth talking about, as the game barely covers what's going on and you're left to figure out why you're slaughtering endless waves of enemies and talking to people in a dream world. The story is so light on detail that it's almost as if it was accidentally left out.

Co-op play for four players over Xbox LIVE is an option, and this does increase the amount of enjoyment you get from the game, but the gameplay is just too monotonous for Circle of Doom to be anything other than a slight distraction. Anyone wanting a modern game comparable to the likes of Diablo will be severely disappointed.

With the success Sony has had with God of War there's a real gap on Microsoft's console for an easy to get into hack 'n' slash that's polished to perfection. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom isn't that game, falling way short of the thrills offered by God of War and nowhere near the depth required of a full RPG. Played with friends Circle of Doom is mildly entertaining for a short time, but it's unquestionably one of the most disappointing games Microsoft has released for the Xbox 360.

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