So Much For The 3 Week Delay, Invasion HD DVD On The Shelf At Best Buy

Formatwarcentral reports even though Warner had planned a 3 week delay on the HD DVD version of 'Invasion,'(and all future Warner HD-DVD releases) it seems Best Buy and several other retailers didn't get the memo.

Formatwarcentral continues to write: We didn't pick it up the title, since $34.99 is highway robbery for a title like this. However we do wonder why on earth Warner would ship the HD DVD version to retailers at the same time as the Blu-ray. We would expect this to get worked out by the time 'I Am Legend' hits store shelves.

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Fighter3851d ago

It doesn't matter because the war is over.

Cyrus3653851d ago

kinda of dumb for Warner to send the Titles in the same batch, but then again (It's probably a cost saving move, rather then have 2 shipments for a title that's a few weeks late). Guess there gonna have to do a better job getting the word out.

ITR3851d ago

I don't really see the cost savings because normally within 3 weeks the dist. would have to send more BD discs replenish the ones sold.

I'm willing to bet WB just put a different street date on the HDM discs and relies on the retail store chains to adhere to that said street date much like street dates for games.

Cyrus3653851d ago

True enough, not to mention, they probably have other releases coming out 3 weeks later.

So I don't understand why Warner didn't send HD-DVD counter-parts later.

Figboy3850d ago

HD DVD is much more enjoyable when it's been anthropomorphized.

you crack me up, HD DVD!

now go die already.

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