Killzone 2 & 3 Dual Pack Listed By Retailer, Coming In October

An online retailer has posted a listing for a Killzone 2 & 3 Dual Pack.

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LOL_WUT1795d ago

Man if this turns out to be true I hope they throw in a voucher for Killzone 1 in HD.

Abash1795d ago


That makes no sense, you are hoping they use the time and money to make a Killzone 1 HD just to give it away in a Collection?

TrendyGamers1795d ago

Or at least DLC for the two titles.

R_aVe_N1795d ago

I was wondering when they where going to announce this collection since so many more collections are being made.

PersonaCat1795d ago

Killzone 1 remake with the kz2 engine please :D

LAZL0-Panaflex1795d ago

Hell yeah! With multiplayer!

Shadowolf1795d ago

The original KILLZONE on the KZ2 or KZ3 engine would a beautiful thing indeed.

Bathyj1795d ago

Bring back secondary fire!!

Shadowolf1795d ago

You remember that, wow! The secondary fire option was sweet.

Bathyj1795d ago

The Helghast Rifle with underslug shotty round is probably my favourite weapon of all time. Empty a clip into 5 guys and then finish the stragglers with the shotty. Brilliant. Worth playing the game again just for that.

Probably 2nd is the silenced pistol with scope that goes full auto in secondary.

I miss those guns.

OK, honourable mention must be made to the Laptop gun in Perfect Dark 64.

typikal821795d ago

I recently beat KZ1 then directly dove into KZ2, whole time I was wondering why it was a natural reflex to hit R2 after emptying my clip, lol.

About to get into KZ3 next

Bathyj1795d ago

Try the Sharpshooter. Its very unique.

Neoprime1795d ago

We got a Killzone 1 vet in the house!

r211795d ago

Agreed! I miss secondary fire from KZ1, i hope GG implement it back into KZ Mercenary

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The story is too old to be commented.