GTA 5 - 'I'd bet my wife on it not coming out this year', says retail source

A retail source has dismissed claims that Grand Theft Auto V will release on November 23.

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Prcko1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

it's coming this year!!!!
we need this game this yearrrrrrrr!!!

Muffins12231499d ago

Looks like we gamers are gonna each get a turn with her >:D

thorstein1498d ago ImmatureShow
BitbyDeath1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Fat chicks need love too, but they gotta pay


attilayavuzer1497d ago


Alright Brad Pitt...

thorstein1497d ago

@ attla, So, good looking guys can't call out fat chicks for being... um... fat.

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overlorduk1498d ago

Judging by the huge number of hideous women with babies that are everywhere these days, there will by plenty of takers :D

Kin23g1497d ago

Wonder what his wife'd to say about that ..

Bonerrr1499d ago InappropriateShow
GribbleGrunger1499d ago

I hope he wins that bet... have you seen his wife?

Rumor1497d ago

I always love a woman with 6 strands of hair

WeskerChildReborned1498d ago

Idk, apparently some place confirms it will release this year but idk, GTA doesn't even need advertising to sell big really.

knifefight1497d ago

Yeah, let us all rest on the rock-solid assurance of "some place."

I'll just tune into the 11:00 news tonight and see what stories have been confirmed by "some guy" too.

Nate-Dog1498d ago

It's almost September and we've only had one trailer of the game and little info on it, I don't see why so many people still see it coming out before 2013.

WeskerChildReborned1498d ago

True but a game like GTA doesn't need alot of exposure to sell millions. Not trying to overrate it or anything. But i don't think Rockstar would even take the risk to do it.

Outside_ofthe_Box1498d ago

If it were to come out this year it'd be November and seeing as we are almost 2 months away from November, GTA5 coming out this year just doesn't likely at all.

PhantomT14121497d ago

Still, it would be too risky not to advertize more than this if it's coming out this year.

youndamie1498d ago

I would prefer if it came out in 2013 and launch on PS4 and Nextbox so graphically it can be even greater than if it launched of Ps3 and 360

BitbyDeath1497d ago

Wii U is coming out this year and is in the same boat

Nate-Dog1497d ago

Well that's a console, and one which has had large exposure already. I don't see that coming out this year either to be honest but that's just me.