New Soul Sacrifice screenshots

Sony released new screenshots of Soul Sacrifice.

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Jensen2098d ago

show me some gameplay :( ..

Half-Mafia2098d ago

Search Youtube, plenty of gameplay videos to watch.

Jensen2098d ago

disagree's lol ok.

@halfpmafia i have only see one video and its the same old one that was introduced.

Jensen2098d ago

yeah i've seen those, i ment just something new. but whatever let the disagree's come.

Ultr2098d ago

oh oh oh my shiny shiny vita screen

Sanquine902098d ago

Nice! i love this seeing coming to the vita sometime. Just have to wait some time/

ThanatosDMC2098d ago

I like the rock shield and that big summon monster. Anyone know about Campione? I want this game.

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