Neversoft Leak Reveals Possible New Modern Warfare

An exclusive look at a new leak revealing the possibility for a new modern warfare game from Neversoft.

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Lockon2033d ago

Im seriously surprised!

jaosobno2033d ago

Yeah, who wouldn't be!

I'm thinking zombie Makarov. Where else could they take the story?

RockmanII72033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

*MW3 Spoilers, kinda*

Do what ResiEvil 6 is doing and have his son become a focal point of the story.

blumatt2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

I'm thinking, "Jeez, give the series a rest for a couple years and then come out all guns blazing (haha) on next gen consoles."

CoD NEEDS a break badly. The tit is almost dry. All we're getting now is dried up powder milk. lol

Still, admittedly, I'm kinda excited for Black Ops 2, but I'm sure it'll have some stupid perks and killstreaks just like the last several. CoD4 was the only one to get it right. That game kept it simple. 3, 5, and 7 killstreaks and no perks too crazy.

andibandit2032d ago

I for one am looking forward to some of the new perks and skills.

Dolphin dive knife lunge ,sounds interesting, as well as
Last stand dead mans hand

SolidStoner2032d ago

you should be surprised!

think about it, who would be stupid enough to create same game so many times in so small amount of time again, then again, and again, no way there is another again, but damn there is again, and then again..... I'm very surprised!

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OhMyGandhi2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago ) long as it has a "H-O-R-S-E" mode.

doogiebear2032d ago

COD = Children's Online Daycare

Oh_Yeah2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

this franchise should be a cell phone exclusive game or something...feels like im playing one of those mini games on a loading screen everytime i play cod.

cod is like pong with guns.

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Monolith2033d ago

i know. Wow who could of thunk that.

hardandsloppy2033d ago

*thought, Grammar Nazi to the rescue!!

GarandShooter2033d ago

But you missed 'could of'? Lol, some rescue.

AngelicIceDiamond2033d ago

BLOPS Treyarch, MW3 Infinity Ward, SledgeHammer studios.. a cod game, and Neversoft A MW?

this is getting out of hand....

000012033d ago

i don't even understand how there is a market for so much COD, this is killing the spirit of the gaming industry with such a lifeless series.

Straightupbeastly2033d ago

If true, this means no new consoles in 2013 because we already know infinity ward and sledgehammer are working on a next gen cod. This never soft game is the filler game, the fall 2013 release before next gen. Activision would never allow this company to ship a next gen cod first.

Soldierone2033d ago

Not really. It could just be a crappy port to current generation consoles, or to Wii/Vita etc...

If you think Activision will only release a next generation version of the next COD, its a crazy thought. They will milk it for what its worth, which means still gaining sales from those that don't want to upgrade their console right away.

lonesoul652032d ago

next gen games will still have a counterpart on current gen consoles just like they did last generation.

majiebeast2033d ago

Its just time till the bubble burst and when it does, its gonna hit activision hard.

Jazz41082033d ago

Kind of like what Sony is going through now. I do hope the new consoles will breathe some fresh air into a stale industry as most new ips and most risks are taken in the first few years of a consoles launch.

Hellsvacancy2033d ago

What? maybe im too stoned to understand your comment

000012033d ago

how can these guys enjoy showing up to work on a series like this, it has to be torture.

HebrewHammer2033d ago

Robert Bowling got the heck out of there for that very reason.

HammadTheBeast2033d ago

Good on him. Although he was basically the last defense against the millions of trolls who buy the game, ten get bored within a month or so.

strauser3602032d ago

They get paid a fair amount of money. I mean its the best selling piece of shit out there so its only understood that they are getting bonuses and such.

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