Make Believe: Sony close down Studio Liverpool

A sad thing happened today; Sony announced the closure of Studio Liverpool.

Its not appropriate to go into the reasons why they’re closing it, short version: it’s crushingly stupid (but that is another story for another time), but of more relevance, would be to reflect on the sort of the legacy the studio has created within this lovely industry of ours.

In case you’re unaware or you’ve merely forgotten who they were, Studio Liverpool were the horrendously talented folks behind the WipEout series of games among other things.

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-Mika-1921d ago

Wow this is the 3rd sony studio to close this year after making a vita game. Hmmm... coincidence or maybe something else.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1921d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Not to troll but I kinda see why they shut them down.
They don't really make big money makers. Also they don't make enough variety of games.

Game title Year released Platform(s)
Formula One 2001 2001 PlayStation 2
Wipeout Fusion 2002 PlayStation 2
Formula One 2002 2002 PlayStation 2
Formula One 2003 2003 PlayStation 2
F1 04 2004 PlayStation 2
Wipeout Pure 2005 PlayStation Portable
F1 05 2005 PlayStation 2
F1 06 2006 PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable
Wipeout Pulse 2007 PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2
Formula One Championship Edition 2007 PlayStation 3
Wipeout HD 2008 PlayStation 3
Wipeout HD Fury 2009 PlayStation 3
Wipeout 2048 2012 PlayStation Vita

That is what corporations do.

Anon19741920d ago

They wouldn't have been around at all if they hadn't been making any money, and clearly if Sony wanted something different, they would have been making something different. Hopefully they're just reorganizing and they find homes for everyone.

Man, I miss the games Psygnosis used to put out. Those were some of my favourites back on the Amiga. Lemmings, Barbarian, Rastan, Shadow of the Beast, Drakan, Leander. It's sad to think a studio with such a varied development library was regulated to just remaking F1 and Wipeout over and over again. But, that's business.

Blankman851920d ago

I wonder who approved and published all those games. . .Oh yeah, SONY did!
N4G is so fickle, you couldn't say a single bad thing about Sony Liverpool before this closure without recieving a barrage of disagrees and a death threat or 2. But now that they are no longer a part of SONY, it is okay to tear them a new one to justify the almighty SONY's decision to sack them.

Sizzon1921d ago

Sucks to hear, always liked the wipeout racing games.

Brosy1920d ago

I thought Wipeout was mediocre. More of a niche title. I did really like Destruction Derby though. Someone needs to make a new Destruction Derby game. I guess you could call it a niche title too.But I found DD to be more fun than Wipeout.

Sizzon1920d ago

DD 2 on playstation 1 was pretty fun :-)

borisfett1921d ago

Of all the studios, why this one? *sad face*

ABizzel11920d ago

People weren't buying WipEout and Motorstorm.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Becuz there are better studios who make more cash like Naughty Dog.

Sony is about money and don't want to be wiped out.

1921d ago
SecretPsycho1921d ago

Wipeout was a playstation classic...gonna miss em :c

Knight_Crawler1920d ago

Just because the studio is closed that does not mean Sony cant give it to another studio.

The game still lives even with out its original creators.

tachy0n1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

but it can pretty much lose its essence...
just like NFS: most wanted which looks pretty much to be a burnout paradise 2 with cops....


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