Sources: Sony Liverpool was working on WipEout PS4 and a Splinter Cell style game for PS4

''Sony Liverpool was working on two PlayStation 4 launch titles, Eurogamer has been told by a reliable source.''

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wardestroyr1943d ago

This is absolutely gut-wrenching news. Please save these projects Sony! :(

jimbobwahey1943d ago

I agree. I'd have thought Sony would have axed other studios before chopping their Liverpool team, but maybe sales of Wipeout HD weren't good enough to justify their continued existence?

doogiebear1942d ago

What other studios? I cant think of a single one worth chopping. I love liverppol because of their amazong games as psygnosis. But lately they just mostly made wipeout and that wasnt enough to pay the bills. However they are still with Sony, but perhaps they'll be integrated into other talented dev teams at Sony. There really isnt even one bad team. Sony always hores proven veteran game developement teams who have usually been around since the snes days till now.

dale_denton1942d ago

it's kind of simple... they bring out good games. we really need to support.. tell your friends... their friends.. and their friends. damn i'm gonna miss wipeout.. was hoping to see a destruction derby this gen too. sad day.

RememberThe3571942d ago

The sad fact is that Sony probably saw other projects that needed those resources more. It sucks when anyone losses a job especially in the game industry where jobs seem to be few and far between. But Sony has to get their roster of games right when it comes to return on investment. They gotta make money. Sad day for WipEout fans though, I feel bad for you guys.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1943d ago

Out of all the things why would Sony cancel the developer making PS4 games?

Shikoro1943d ago Show
ABizzel11943d ago

Because the studio cost more to run than it was bringing in. The WipEout & Motorstorm franchises have been struggling in sales (WipEOut since 2006, Motorstorm since 2009). That's 6 years of iffy operations coming from the studio. The only reason Sony kept them open this long is because of the history they have as well as their games constant high review scores, but without the sales to match you're left with nothing else to do, but shut down. Not to mention the racing genre is almost as overcrowded as the FPS.

It's sad, but this is why sales matter to some degree. If a developer isn't making money it's going to be shut down. We could have just missed a new Syphon Filter for PS4, and have no one to blame, but ourselves.

If the closure is true then hopefully they'll spread the team among it's other developers so they keep their jobs.

DarkTower8051942d ago

"We could have just missed a new Syphon Filter for PS4, and have no one to blame, but ourselves."

Umm, no. Why should we be to blame for their poor sales? Do you think people should buy games that don't interest them just to make a corporation profits? I buy games I like, if a game dev makes games that people don't like, that's on them not us.

This news does suck, I hope they all find jobs soon, but don't try to spin this to put it on the consumers.

ABizzel11942d ago


No people shouldn't buy games that don't interest them. However, said people should not act surprised when news like this occurs, and say how much they'll miss the developers and how much they miss their games and wanted to play those and be upset that they won't be developing any more games for the future if they didn't support their current games.

Edward751943d ago

This is where making money as a company rolls in. Many people have said "keep putting out exclusive games" or "the gaming division is making money" (which is no longer true). Sony is now financially in such bad shape, it'll start showing up in the things gamers will see. This decision can ONLY be about money. Now maybe people will start seeing how bad of a shape Sony is in. This is only the beginning.

ronin4life1942d ago

It may be the beginning... of the end...OF Sony's restructuring. Perhaps "dumping" this studio is one of the things needed for the Games division to stay profitable, or to set them back on that path.
After this, perhaps they will begin their rebound. The next several months will need to be watched with scrutiny to see exactly were the scales will tip.

doogiebear1942d ago

Dude even microsoft (with its hundreds of billions of dollars) shuts down teams if their not bringing in more money. It doesnt mean that it spells doom when Sony does it. Relax big boy.

Daver1942d ago

No one said the games were cancelled, they will probably give them to their other studios to finish the work.

doogiebear1942d ago

Im sure others are developing for ps 4 also, if Sony is able to spare one team that was already working on ps4 games too.

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Baka-akaB1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

No one knows yet those projects arent safe and soon to be worked elsewhere by part , if not all of the same staff anyway

But it's still sad and worrisome

mafiahajeri1943d ago

Splinter cell like game for ps4? Noooooooooo!

ronin4life1942d ago

....But isn't Splinter cell MP anyway?

ALLWRONG1942d ago

not always it depends on what mood UBI is in

abzdine1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

WipEout for PS4. Can't imagine how it will look o_O


Raf1k11943d ago

lol Probably the same but in 1080p and 60FPS.

It's the Splinter Cell style game for PS4 that gets me. Would love a game to play like the old Splinter Cell games.

jimbobwahey1943d ago

Wipeout HD on PS3 already ran at 1080p and 60fps. The team at Sony Liverpool could do wonderful things with the PS3 hardware.

Baka-akaB1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

It's not full hd . It uses dynamic frame buffer that allows the game to change resolutions on the fly when needed .

Right now there is nothing a constant 1080p @ 60 fps on consoles saves a few psn xbla and "easy" 2d stuff .

STONEY41942d ago

I always felt Wipeout HD was one of the best looking games on PS3. Mainly because of the (sort of) 1080p and 60fps. It's just so sharp and fluid compared to the majority of console games, and the art style is amazing.

I really hope that their PS4 work will see the light of day somehow.

abzdine1942d ago

now i'm boycotting future Sony machines if there is no WipEout.

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