IGN Gives 8.8/10 to PS3 Devil May Cry 4 (AU Review)

From IGN AU:
"And that's it. Devil May Cry 4 is still excellent stuff – thoroughly entertaining, mostly well paced, despite the on-off-on battles. While there are definitely some issues to be worked through if there's a DMC5 on the cards (and come on, this probably isn't the end), the storytelling is worth the trip, the combat remains fun, and there are two major features that we can't even mention that also go a good way towards making you want to replay each level and try for the best letter ranking possible. Nero, Dante, swords, guns, jiggling breasts and a whole lot of fun in between; dig in."

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Skerj3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

IGN tells it how it is, and it's exactly what I was expecting. Difficulty level intact? Check. Entertaining puzzles? Check. The DMC gameplay we love that has been evolved to provide us an even more kinetic action experience? Hella check.

The embargo has me interested in what those two secrets could be, I already have a theory but damn they must be big. Only one more week left and I totally can't wait to see. Leaving off with my favorite part of the review score:

" 9.0 Gameplay
Tight, tight, tight. The combat is at the top of its game in number four, reminding us of why there are so many imitators."

Nonbelievers be damned.

AdolfBinBush3797d ago

will it get 8.9?

some people say its better looking.

Skerj3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Those people are liars and trying desperately to find something that isn't there. I've played them both and they look the damn same. Zooming in 3x to see which one has better ground textures is getting pretty damn old. It should already be known that you're not going to be looking at things THAT closely.

PS3 has better controls for me so I'll be getting that one for the superior DPad for style switching and select button placement for taunts. The 360 has custom soundtracks enabled which I find myself loving a ton if it weren't for the controller. But alas I'll just turn down the music in the PS3 version and have my own playlist going like I always have from the past until ingame XMB. I'll still be playing DMC4 when that time comes, hell nearly 3 years later and I play DMC3 about once a week.

KidMakeshift3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Sony just needs to give us our rumble back. It's ridiculous that the dualshock 3 hasn't been released in America yet

What? You don't like bad wannabe KMFDM songs:

The time has come
And so have I
The last laugh
Cause you came to die
The damage done, the pain subsides
And I can see the fear clear, when I look in your eyes

Ah, my freakin ears!

Skerj3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Yeah that goes into the "stupid idea" pool. As soon as they knew it was coming they should have just started putting the motors in the Sixaxis instead of shipping more of those controllers to retailers. Fortunately to import it is the same price as it would be in the stores so there's always that route.

As for the music, if I never hear the words "Now you've really crossed the LIIIIIIIIINE" from DMC3 it'll be too soon. I hate you Shootie HG!! It seems just as bad in DMC4 so I'm not even giving it a chance.

KidMakeshift3797d ago

The only reason why I haven't imported yet is because I'm hoping Sony will give sixaxis owners an exchange or rebate offer. It would only save them money by exchanging the controllers since they can reuse the sixaxis shell for the dualshock3. It'd be more eco friendly as well

Skerj3797d ago

I was thinking that as well, but the sane part of me doesn't think that'd happen. I mean it wouldn't be too hard for them to do, make sure the person has their system registered (or not) and issue the rebate. But did they do that when the original DualShock came out for PS1? I can't remember because I got mine with the DS controller.

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MK_Red3797d ago

Pretty good score and review though regardless of all scores and reviews, I'll be getting this game if only for the superb story and crazy demo scenes.

power of Green 3797d ago

"Although it dips into the recycling bin a bit too much, Devil May Cry 4 still remains a must-play title for action-adventure gamers".

1up praised this title they said alot of good things about it. I'll be picking it up.

KidMakeshift3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I think it's funny that they knock it for the shadowing, but completely dismiss it in every other next-gen game. About 90% of all next-gen games have that horrible jagged, flickering real-time shadowing. Even gorgeous games like Mass Effect and MGS4 have it. I don't get why the developers don't do something about it

power of Green 3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Hmmm good point, maybe those other games have more "substance" to them(way more advanced with depth) allowing margen for error so to speak. I noticed games are looked at based on what they're suppose to offer primarly and judged acorrdingly. DMC is just an action game boasting style and visuals as the selling point.

1up gave it a good score of 8.5

mesh13797d ago

i played the demo finally today as i had a lot of work to do and yes the game is terrible beyond anything its just a bad game,looks like aps2 game it was so terrible i had to laugh .

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