CVG: Tomb Raider: Underworld proper high-res screens

CVG reports these are the first full-resolution shots of Lara doing her thing in her new quest set to arrive on PS3, PC and 360 later this year.

Those of you with an elephant-like memory may remember some of these shots appearing the other side of Christmas (they're still there, even), but now you'll be able to check out Eidos' latest artistry in real detail.

In one of the shots you can see a dripping-wet Lara, after having been outside in the rain of course, and the textures that'll make up the new tombs she'll be leaping about in.

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Ares843851d ago

Just another site that doesn't have anything on it.

spandexxking3851d ago

umm where are the screens?

xaphanze3851d ago

I dont see any screens.

Escamotage3851d ago

Than a sh*tty site makes you run and circles looking for the said article.

Cyrus3653851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

IT's on the tab on the top, go to Story Images tabs.

If not go to the link, and it's on the right hand side.

clevernickname3851d ago

There is no "Story Images" tab. In the comments section the editor says to come back at 5 PM to view the images. So, there are no freaking images at the moment.

I freaking hate when people don't even read what the articles they submit.