The 12 best things about Xbox Live

From Gameplayer... "The Xbox 360 has a number of well documented, red, circular, problems, but its online service is not one of them. Microsoft's know-how in the networking and online space is second-to-none. It's all thanks to decades of experience in the PC market and they brought that knowledge with them when they ventured into the world of consoles. The Xbox Live service has led from the front since its launch and has comfortably set the benchmark by which its competitors are judged, as well as raising the level of expectation from consumers across the board. But how? What is it that makes the service the current market leader? Well we've found twelve good reasons, and you can read them below:"

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heavyarms3851d ago

but they forgot one of my favorites!! You can always share your games with friends for more gamer points. Hell Yeah!!!

snoopgg3850d ago

xbox live sucks big time sometimes espessially recently the problems everyone was having when playing Call of Duty 4. I hate the lag you encounter on the service also. I'm not saying its always bad, cause I enjoy it when its right, but its also not perfect by any means.

ben hates you3850d ago

and you would know? i don't think you have a box

whoa this open zone really is for the assholes

Rocko3850d ago

PS3 version has yet to get a patch. I STILL can't play COD 4 on my PS3, Even when I could play it would lag like hell, had 3 bars at the most. Meanwhile I can play the 360 version just fine, 4 bars and no lag.

Iron Man 23850d ago

The worst thing about Xbox live,LAG LAG LAG!;)

FirstknighT3850d ago

Need to upgrade from your 56k modem kid. No lag here! :)

leon763850d ago

Hey firstknight, read the below comment from noodlecup, and learn something, looser, paying for a deffective service!!ahahahahaha!!!! Noodlecup bubbles for you!!!!

sabbath4203850d ago

Check your connection if indeed you actually have xbox live. I hardly ever have lag little dude. Try playing on the psnetwork, how about all that lag? Hardly worth playing on if you have ever experienced xbox live.

iMad3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

And sometimes it will be free :) but actually i only download demos and that's free.

Noodlecup3850d ago

Xbox live is outdated, PC gamers have been enjoying a better service for free for a decade or more. MS steps in and charges these poor dullards and they accept it as the standard, sure they'll give you the excuse that "we're getting what we pay for! it's worth it!" but is it really worth it?

- No dedicated servers
- Lag
- The threat of RRoD hindering your experience lingering around every corner
- Getting nickel & dimed for wallpapers/themes when PS3 themes are all free

It's a joke, the only people dumb enough to pay for xbox live are the ones stupid enough to defend a console with a 33% failure rate and a games library where only generic first person shooters and sports games sell.

BLUR1113850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

yea umm do you know how how much world of warcraft for a year is ? tp play pc games are so much money when u have to upgrade ur shlT to play next gen games it cost alot of money , and second of all live kicks the living shlT out of psn

Hugh Hefner3850d ago

- No dedicated servers - Correct. Most online PS3 games don't have dedicated servers either
- Lag - Bullshit. Unless you have a dial-up connection or are connected to a host far, far away (like in Japan)
- The threat of RRoD hindering your experience lingering around every corner - Bullshit. New redesigned 360s have put this issue behind
- Getting nickel & dimed for wallpapers/themes when PS3 themes are all free - Some themes/wallpapers are free, some you have to pay for. Remember, each theme on the 360 has to go accross several blades, while the PS3 only has one blade.

Rocko3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Everything other game works fine, but you wouldn't know that since your a tool. Stay on the PSN, XBL doesn't want you.

Warhawk= Generic ass garbage shooter, worst $40 I spent. Should've bought Tekken instead.

sabbath4203850d ago

XBOX live is not only about playing games online like on the pc. Its more about the whole community thing. Seamless voice and video chatting with pc and phone users all while playing games and streaming music from my pc. Comparing achievements with friends and rivals at the push of a button. Seeing when a friend comes online as soon as they turn on there console. I can then push a button and see what they are doing and offer to join or invite them to play what I am playing. can you do any of that on your precious ps network? Umm... NO! You can however hope for some of those functions to come to your HOME network. But that all seems kind of gimmicky and a waste of time navigating around with a little guy anywayz. So good luck with that. You WAITSTATION fans all sound about 10. Go play in your ps3 forum eh! PLAY B3HIND!

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