Famitsu talks about FFXIII's release date with S-E

The recent rumors regarding a 2008 release date for Final Fantasy XIII were denied by the North American department of Square Enix. It was not enough for Japanese Famitsu, however, who decided to call and ask Square Enix's PR department a few questions:

· Will FFXIII be released in 2008?

All the information about that is false and Nomura/Toriyama never said the game will be released during 2008.

· What caused that rumor?

The websites overseas probably mistranslated Toriyama when he said the development team is hoping to release a battle system demo in 2008, and "finally get the experience you wanted".

· To conclude, what is the current status of FFXIII, and when will we hear more information?

The PR department has stated that the progress of all Fabula Nova Crystallis games is going well, and the company always releases new information in events and through the media.

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Rattles3794d ago

it will blow your mind.

WilliamRLBaker3794d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

cookie cutter carbon copies that dont match ingame what is shown in the CGI, and with way way to much cgi.

Lucreto3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

It didn't stop Halo from selling.

WilliamRLBaker3794d ago

they had BETTER ship this in 2008 or much ownage with be dished not only on ps3 sales and adoption rate, but on sonyfanboys as a whole whom call this the 2nd comming of jesus in a game, and the 90% of ps2 users haven't instantly purchased an ps3.

mullet3794d ago

Not really. Most PS3 owners already know FFXIII isn't coming in 08. I'm not sure why spamming nonsense like this makes you feel better about yourself. You need a life.

chrno63794d ago

So what if it is not released in 2008? Ps3 still have the best line up in 2008 with big titles like mgs4, little big planet and white knight story.

ruibing3794d ago

I hope they do ship one of the FF XIII by the end of 2008, but a demo is better than nothing.

TheHater3794d ago

This game will consume my life for at least 3 weeks.

Iron Man 23794d ago

One of the biggest games of this generation,EXCLUSIVE to the Playstation 3,I can't wait,this game will PWN!

But I am anticipating FFXIII Versus much more than FFXIII,but I will be picking up both,system sellers!;)

Doctor Strange3794d ago

I still hope for at a Christmas release, hell release it December 31 and I'll gobble it up.


Have you played the past 5 final fantasy's. Seeing how each one had a different combat system, story, summons, characters and it each one of the past 5 is someone fav I'm sure.

Final Fantasy wouldn't still be around if it were crap simple as that.

N4G Admins are Gay3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I have played all Final Fantasy games except 11.

Final Fantasy 9 was the last good one. As all others focus on graphics and CG at the expense of the story and characters. It's main selling point is how it looks and because of this FF12 was incredible to look at. Yet was one of the worst RPG's i've ever played because of the rubbish story and weak character development.

There really isn't much to indicate FF13 and it's spin offs will be any different.

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